Are you looking for information on DirectX-12? DirectX-12 has been around since its launch on 29 July 2015 World. DirectX-12 can help you create better graphics in games and multimedia. Did you know DX12 provides great graphic effects for Windows-based games.

Many websites provide information on DirectX-12 including Microsoft. Let’s take a look at descargardirectx which provides articles and tips regarding DirectX-12.

The Legitimacy of

Descargardirectx, an old website that was registered in Spain at 3:12 PM on December 3, 2020 is called Descargardirectx. It is one year, seven month and four days old. Descargardirectx is currently active and frequently updated. The latest update was completed on 27-June-2022. has had a long existence and still managed to achieve a terrible Trust Index of 10%, a Business Ranking of 58.1%, an average Alexa Ranking ranking of 3,343,511. may be a SCAM.

It scored 23% for proximity to suspicious websites. Although Descargardirectx did not score well on Threat, Malware and Phishing profile, it was found to be a source of Spam.


Descargardirectx will be available until the 3rd of December 2023. The domain has a long lifespan and expires within one year, four month and twenty-six calendar days. Descargardirectx is served by two servers based both in the USA and GB.

Descargardirectx offers detailed information on DirectX-12 in Spanish. Descargardirectx contains twenty articles that are focused on DirectX-12 technology. It is not subject to any subscription fees and does not provide links to download an application or file. This means that it is not considered blacklisted by any search engines.

Descargardirectx uses a secure HTTPS protocol. is protected by a valid SSL certificate that will last for 74 days. Descargardirectx didn’t include email or customer contact. However, the site does include a contact form for customers to communicate with customer support. Descargardirectx has no subscribers.

Jaume Rosall is Descargardirectx’s owner. His email address and phone number are [email protected] and +34 (61-6200-934). Descargardirectx didn’t include privacy policies and terms of usage. Descargardirectx provides a user-friendly interface which allows users to access their write-ups from the website. However, every link/section on the website leads to the home page.

Topics available on Descargardirectx .com:

  1. DirectX: All you need to know
  2. Alternatives to DirectX
  3. APIs of DirectX
  4. DirectX Versions
  5. Common mistakes made with DirectX
  6. DirectX-12 Degrading to 11
  7. DirectX 11 or 12?
  8. DirectX-12 Ultimate features
  9. DirectX vs. Vulkan
  10. DirectX: How to fix problems
  11. DirectX-12 Ultimate Improvements
  12. DirectX installation
  13. DirectX Removal
  14. DirectX-12 Technologies
  15. DirectX Version Update
  16. DirectX12 Video Encoder Api
  17. Games supporting DirectX-12 Ultimate
  18. DirectX-12 Supporting GPUs
  19. DirectX-12 on Mac OS


Descargardirectx is a Scam according to two reviews on the internet. Descargardirectx has no reviews. Terrible Trust Index and Alexa Rankingclarify may be a scam. Descargardirectx has extensive information about DirectX-12. It also gives tips on how to uninstall DirectX-12 and upgrade it to an earlier version. This may be dangerous for your device.


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