Do you love reading? Are you someone who enjoys reading online books? We will be discussing a brand new book, its story, as well as the feedback received from readers. We will also be discussing the team behind KA Merikan.

People from countries like Malaysia or the United States love to read. People in these countries love to read and are always looking for new books online. So, let’s find out more about Broken My Shell Ka Merikan .

About Break My Shell By K.A. Merikan

Break My Shell, a book about romance of the same gender, is available. This story is about Max and Dayton. When it comes to his profession, Dayton is a fantastic employee. He is reliable and punctual. He is a skilled waiter, cleaner, as well as a superb example of a receptionist. He was also named employee of the month because of his exceptional service.

However, even with all the positive aspects, there is also a dark side. Max, who was sentenced for the murders three men, discovers a way to communicate this desire to Dayton.

The letter was written by Dayton about his fantasies. Max arrives at Dayton after being released from prison and asks for everything he wrote in the letter. Max does not have the luxury of being indulged by Dayton at this time. The full story can be found on the internet.

Break My Shell Ka Merikan Reviews

Amazon customers gave this book an excellent rating. This book has received four stars from five, which indicates that customers are pleased after reading “Break My Shell”. Goodreads also gives this book 3.45/5 stars.

Both these sites have received a lot of praise. The storytellers are skilled and it is fun to read. Ka Merikan is the name Kat and Agnes Merikan. They are not identical twins. They are not identical .

Specific Details on HTML2_ HTML3_ HTML3_ HTML3_ HTML3_

  • Books NameBreak My Shell
  • Books AuthorK. A. Merikan
  • Publisher The Publishing house of Acerbi & Villani Ltd.
  • Publication Date2016, 5th Dec
  • Language: English
  • Size of the File:2944KB
  • Total pages:153
  • Screen ReaderPresent


We have learned about the outline story for Break My shell from the discussion. The book’s story is quite unusual but the readers still enjoy it. We read the reviews.

Do you like this book that deals with bizarre stories, such as Broken My Shell Ka Merikan. We’d love to hear from you in the comments box.


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