Canoe slalom Men’s C 1 Final : B. Savsek Won Gold For Slovenia Everything You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about the Canoe Slalom Men’s C-1 Semifinal at Tokyo 2020 Olympics on July 26th, 2021, with semifinals and finals in the men’s C1 sure to be fiercely contested.

In canoe slalom, racers sail a canoe or kayak through a white-water course in the quickest time possible, passing through a combination of upstream and downstream gates on river rapids. The course is around 250 metres long, with a maximum of 25 gates, including six or eight upstream gates. The route is set up so that contestants can complete it in 95 seconds or less.

Winners of Canoe Slalom Men’s C 1 Semifinal

Ten players were selected for the finals from all those participants who took part in the Canoe Slalom Men’s C-1 Semifinals. Among those, the top three were M. Thomas from France, who took 100.5 seconds, D. Watkins from Australia, who took 101.28 seconds and A. Elosegi from Spain, who took 103.15 seconds. All the three were there in the finals.

canoe slalom men's c-1

Winner of Canoe Slalom Men’s C 1 Finals

Finals of Canoe Slalom also took place today only, and the top three performers were served with their respective Medals. B. Savsek from Slovenia received Gold Medal with 98.25 seconds, L. Rohan from the Czech Republic received Silver Medal with 101.96 seconds, and S. Tasiadis from Germany received bronze with 103.70 seconds.

What’s going to happen today, Canoe Slalom Men’s C 1 Semifinals or Finals?

canoe slalom men's c-1 semifinal

At 2.00 pm (local time), the top 10 canoeists from the heats will compete in the semifinal of the men’s C1 on the 200m course at the Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre, with the top 10 moving on to the final.

Whom can you expect to win in Canoe Slalom Men’s C-1 Semifinal?

canoe slalom men's c-1 semifinal

The men’s C1 category is wide open without defending champion Denis Gargaud-Chanut and reigning world champion Cedric Joly. Benjamin Savek of Slovenia, competing in his third Olympics, is in excellent form and is the gold medal favourite. HANEDA Takuya of Japan is doing well at home and looking to improve on his bronze medal from Rio 2016. Don’t rule out Australian debutante Daniel Watkins, the event’s dark horse, who is also competing for an award.

Venue and Schedule of Canoe slalom Men’s C-1 Semi-final and final

The semifinals of the men’s C-1 canoe slalom will be held at Kasai Canoe slalom Centre. Both events will be held today, July 26th, from 14:00 to 16:45.

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