Halo  Infinite is the most awaited game of the Halo Universe. This is the  sixth main instalment in the series. The game is set to release on both Xbox Series X and Xbox series S.


Although the game was set to be released on 10th November 2020 it didn’t happen,  later it was delayed till late 2021. This has left the fans wondering, what all new developments will be introduced in this time gap. Though disappointed for the late release, fans are happy for the new developments in the game after the Gameplay reveal at Xbox Games Showcase.

Halo Infinite Release date and gameplayHalo Infinite Release Date Out: multiplayer & gameplay

343 Industries has announced that , the game is set to  be released in the Fall of 2021. It was announced by 343 Industries  in January 2021 that, several beta tests will be done before the launch of the game. This is to find out the glitches and develop the game error free. But we don’t know about the correct date of when this would happen.

Halo Infinite Gameplay

Xbox Games Showcase has revealed the first look of Halo Infinite. The demo has revealed, some new features. One is the grappling hook of Master  Chief. This allows him to pull in enemies.But the fans were disappointed about the graphics.  This was one of the reasons  for the delay of Halo Infinite. According to 343, they are trying to give a more better Halo game, based on the feedback by the audience.

Since the game is owned by Microsoft, it will arrive on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The forge mode is back. Skybox labs, is the developer of Forge.    Skybox labs is the  studio which has made Halo 5’s PC map making.

Microsoft has assured that, Halo infinite’s Multiplayer will be free. It will be supporting 120FPS on the Xbox series X. No much other information has been revealed or leaked as of now. As per reports, 343 Industries has plans to launch multiple beta tests, before the game launches fully.

Till now, these are the available information about Halo Infinite.

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