Blue Protocol Release Date ,Trailer,System Requirements and Many more to Know

Blue Protocol is all set to get released this year. This has been developed by MMORPG and has been published by Bandai Namco. Also, the craze of Asian RPGs still exist among American as well as European audiences. Earlier, Blue Protocol was about to get launched only in Japanese Market but later on Namco changed it’s mind and decided to launch it in European and US market as well.

New creature introduced…

Blue Protocol Release Date

Recently, Bandai Namco’s game tweeted a small teaser highlighting healing NPC called “Yee”. Through this tweet it can be expected that rotund bunny creature could be seen in this throughout the Astellies. This character will be seen healing artisans adventure. The tweet stated “Deliver the latest development information! This time, we will introduce “Yee”, the healing creature of Bull Pro! Yee is everywhere in Astellies, so Let’s enjoy dancing together!

Blue Protocol Release Date

Blue Protocol Release Date

However the release date is still not confirmed accept the fact that it might get launched later this year itself. However the game will be released after around 6 to 12 months of the it releasing in Japan. Although, the series to series of teaser is in rows. Also beta testing is in process.

Trailer released!!!

Although the official dates are still to be announced but, approximately three trailers of the following game has already been released by Bandai Namco. The trailer is extremely astonishing having high graphics as well as amazing background music. Along with it there will be various zones that will be brought in use in this game. Also, along with certain features the game will also provide Dungeons, raids, parties, Business models, Cash shops, as well as combat. However the look of the combat is marvelous in the Blue Horizon even so it’s working is not clear.

what players want in the game

Blue Protocol Release Date

After the beta testing Namco did a shot survey for knowing what player want in the blue protocol. Well he received many suggestions. The suggestions were as follows:

  • Increase in character.
  • Choice of skill and ability
  • Addition of new classes
  • Unique features
  • Alternate rules for zones
  • Voice chat

System Requirements for Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol Release Date

For the OS users

  • It should have either i3-560 3.3G Hz Intel Core processor or AMD Phenom ll X4 805 processor.
  • Graphics should be at least R7 360X AMD Radeon  or Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti.
  • System Memory should be 4GB RAM.
  • Hard drive space should be  40GB.

For PC

  • Talking about the PC, blue protocol will be supported by the unreal engine.
  • Graphics should be Radeon RX 580.
  • 8GB storage.
  • direct X 11 deliverable GPU.

Blue Protocol is a game where player can create their own character and can select their own character, as well as class. This upcoming game will offer four classes to choose any from them. Further more this game will be free-of cost which means that players won’t need to spend a single penny. Also, the developer has left the players to choose from four classes. Those four classes includes Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, Spellcaster.

However after the game being released later this year in Japan it can be expected for the game to release in other places early or later in 2022.

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