4rabet in Bangladesh: how to play aviator game?

The aviator game is a modern representative of the world of online gambling. It’s a colorful programme with superb visuals that won’t leave any of you indifferent. The rules are as easy to understand as possible, and the chances of winning are maximum. This is a testament to the popularity of 4rabet, which, in turn, offers the Bangladeshis this game to use. And for the highest comfort, it is recommended to learn all aspects of the matter before you start playing!

Basic rules of the 4rabet aviator game

For every game you play to be successful, you need to learn all the rules. This will largely protect you from the negative consequences of not knowing any algorithms, as well as the lack of certain knowledge of how the service works. So, what does the general list of rules and conditions of the 4rabet aviator game look like? And it all works as follows:

  1. The user logs into their personal profile within the 4rabet website or mobile app;
  2. Deposits a deposit of a certain amount;
  3. Goes to the section with games, where he clicks on aviator;
  4. Places a bet and launches the aviator;
  5. At a certain moment clicks on a special button inside the playing field, which, in turn, stops the plane and gives a certain amount of odds;
  6. The bet amount is multiplied by what you get after the plane stops; The bet amount is multiplied by what you get after the plane stops;
  7. Waiting for the funds to be credited to your personal account.

After that, the game is considered over. There is no clear limit on the number of possible matches and plane launches. The main thing to remember is that any game can be addictive. So try to take breaks between approaches!

Downloading and installing the 4rabet game aviator mobile app

We recommend everyone in Bangladesh to download and install the company’s mobile app in order to play with even more comfort. Yes, this app is not only responsible for the aviator, but also generally provides all the functions of the company in a comprehensive manner. And in order to do it properly, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Open the official website of 4rabet bd;
  2. Click on the active link, which is responsible for navigating between sections, to get to the page with the application;
  3. Select the system of your device Android or iOS;
  4. Click on it;
  5. Wait for the download of the apk file to complete;
  6. See if the automatic installation starts. If not, do it manually via your device’s download folder.

After that, all you have to do is log in to your account or create a new one and start playing aviator! And don’t forget the various bonuses offered by the company as part of the user incentive scheme.

The interface of the 4rabet aviator game

So, once you have logged in inside the 4rabet website or mobile app, you can fully enjoy the vibrant colors of the game picture. The playing field itself is dark in color, with two buttons at the bottom to place your bets. When you launch the plane, you’ll see a red growing line with an outline of the machine, which is responsible for the odds. The numbers are highlighted in white. And importantly, it’s all inside the site, which itself is decorated in dark colors with red, blue and green inserts!

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