Black Clover has already come up with total of 288 Chapters, Huge numbers right? However readers have been loving this series. After the 288th Chapter of this Black Clover reader are even more excited and is eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Soon after the launch of this series it gained it’s popularity not only in Japan but world wide. As the 288 chapter left the viewers with some questions they are waiting for the next chapter to find their answers. Hope this upcoming chapter will surely resolve the arising questions of the viewers.

Black Clover Synopsis

Black Clover Chapter 289: Release Date, Demon Destroyer Bestowed!!!

Black Clover was initially released in Japan and it got so much love from the viewers that makers decided to release it worldwide. However this was one of the best decision that makers made as after this anime being globally released it got globally hit. Yuki Tabata has worked amazing as the author as well as illustrator of this Japanese anime.

The story of Black Clover basically revolves around the two main characters Yuna and Asta born in the world where everybody has magical powers. Paradoxically, where Yuna is born with wind magic then on the other hand Asta was born with no magical powers. However, the story is followed by both the main characters competing against each other to own the title of next Wizard King.

Upcoming Chapter Spoiler

Hopefully, Asta might use the Demon Destroyer as to defeat the demons. Also, there might be some hiding secrets that might get revealed. Apart from this the viewers might witness some heart-rending moments in this upcoming chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 289 Release Date

There is a possibility of Chapter 289 to hit the market on 11 April, 2021. However the raw scans might take few more days. As of now no official announcement of releasing date of Chapter 289 has been make by Shueisha so the upcoming chapter might get delayed.

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