One thing’s for sure. Google will not like it if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices. It won’t rank well and if you don’t appear on the first few pages of a Google search, you might be dead in the water.

Now for the good news… Advertising on mobile devices is easy! Google allows you to take a straight shot for the top and, with a smart landing page, you’re primed to turn online scrollers into lifelong friends and customers. Here are four tips to help you get started.

Begin with Google Ads

How did we survive before the words, “Google it,” entered common vernacular? Whenever we Google certain keywords, digital ads appear at the top of the page. Users see these ads even before they get down to informational articles.

This positions you to invite people to your site where you can answer the burning question that turned them to Google in the first place while perusing your products and services. Google Ads is quite affordable and you’re never locked into anything; you can stop running your ad at any time.

Create a Landing Page

This is the site that Google Ads will take your future customers to. It’s the space where you convert those online users from casual visitors to committed customers.

It’s also where you’ll post a call to action (which we’ll discuss in a moment). Your landing page should link to your main website, where visitors can read the full details of your products or services and get excited.

Important information to post on your landing page includes your full address, a map of your location, contact information, hours of operation (if applicable), and easy services (such as appointment scheduling).

Consider Your Call to Action

Now that people are visiting your site, it’s time to track those numbers. An uptick in visitors is a wonderful sign that you’re already doing something right. But, in order to see actionable interest in your company, you want those visitors to take some sort of action.

Ask them to follow you on social media. This will expose them to your posts about new products or general knowledge in your field. You can also ask them to sign up for your newsletter, submit their contact information through an online form, or register for an event.

Use All Your Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are little tidbits of the information below Google your Google ad. Mobile marketing 101 tells us that ad extensions increase the likelihood of getting clicked.

You can include “Contact Us,” buttons, “Call,” “Get Directions,” and more. Here’s the best part: not only are ad extensions free, but they’re also super quick to set up.

Advertising on Mobile Devices 101

We hope this short guide allows you to see that advertising on mobile devices is not only paramount, but it’s also easy! Sure, Google controls a lot of what we do online. But, honestly, they also make the user experience pretty straightforward.

Here at Critic Thoughts, we’re all about eCommerce, marketing, web hosting, and online security. What we love about this world is that it’s ever-changing.

As you continue to drive traffic to your site and grow your business, we hope you’ll keep coming over to visit our site. We’re constantly scouring the web for the latest tech news in order to help your business grow.


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