One of the most demanding anime, Attack on Titan might comeback with Season 4 Episode 17. However season 4 was expected to be the last and the final season of this globally hit anime. But it’s not over yet, fans might get more episodes to this anime show. Also, this final season is the best of all seasons up till now.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 17 : Overview

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 17 Overview, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Attack on Titan is basically an anime based show which is evolved from Attack on Titan (Manga). The first three seasons of this anime series has been produced by Wit Studio as well as Production I.G whereas the fourth season been produced by MAPPA.

This anime is all about a world where humanity exist within the cities shielded with walls to protect them from Titan and gigantic humanoid creatures. The story revolves around three characters Eren Jaeger, his sister Mikasa Ackermann who is adopted and Armin Arlett who is their childhood friend. The lives of these three character changed after the massive destruction caused by the appearance of Colossal Titan. Well, for the sake of revenge and to protect the humanity world from the Titans these three main characters join the Scout Regiment (a troop who fights with the titans from outside the walls.

Twist in Episodes of Attack on TitanAttack on Titan Season 4 Episode 17 Overview

Season 4 was expected to be the final season of this manga anime. However, viewers witnessed the end of the first part of season 4 by Episode 16 but it’s not over yet. Yes, there is a twist viewers might come across more seasons and more episodes. There might be twist in this globally in demand anime show which viewers might come across through upcoming episodes.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date

There will be no Episode 17 for season 4. According to sources there will be the second cour of this season or there might be a separate season for the continuation. That is there might be a season 5. This show might comeback eight at the end of this year or in the beginning of 2022.

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