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Have you ever seen Better Call Saul? Why are so many episodes in black and blue? What does the director desire to represent? People are looking for reasons, mainly from Canada Australia , United Kingdom, and United States. We will be discussing the circumstances of Why is it better to call Saul black and white.

Why BCS is black and white so hot?

Better Call Saul is an American television series. It’s a prequel or random sequel of Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul aired its first episodes in 2015, but the show has always been presented in black and white. Each season’s premiere episode, except season 6, uses the same black theme. This is to shed light on Gene Takavic, also known as Jimmy McGill, and reveal a small amount of information about the new entity located in Omaha, Nebraska. Fans have many questions about why certain scenes are in black-and-white.

Why it’s better to call Saul than in Black and White

The first episode is about Jimmy McGill, also known as Saul Goodman. It concerns his new life in Omaha. The very first scene features in black-and-white. It tells the story of Gene Takavic as he grows up and becomes a criminal lawyer. Episode 10 in season 6 is completely black and white. This episode shows Gene Takavic’s solution to the issues. He later realizes that he was a taxi driver who saw the situation from the hawk’s eye.

Public Perspective on Why It’s Better to Call Saul White and Black?

Many people are still trying figure out what happened to Saul Goodman as he became the Cinnabon manager. Jimmy found his new job depressing and lonely. Better Call Saul opens with Gene operating a videotape. This tape shows past Saul Goodman TV commercials in black-and-white, while the ads are shown in colors. Gene is more dull and tired than Jimmy, but he finds his life as Jimmy exciting.

This is essential for the viewers to fully grasp the situation. Many people want to know more about Why It Is Better To Call Saul Black or White, the scenes and the creator’s mixed impressions.


The Better Call Saul is a 2015 series that captivates the viewers’ eyes. It uses black and white scenes in order to show the Saul Goodman present post of Breaking Bad. Saul is hiding from his family in a store. Visually, this is a dull and empty life. Gene’s confession made to the security guard shows his loneliness. To find out more, click the link below:

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