Major Changes that come with Androidupdate 12: Everything you need to know

Each year, with every new version, Google has constantly been adding new features, design changes and performance improvements to their Operating system. Android 12 was recently announced and this version came with a few surprises. The letter officially associated to this version of Android is S.

What’s New in This Androidupdate 12

The latest version of the OS brings along redesigned bits and pieces throughout the OS. After the major design update back in 2014, it seems as if Google is listening to its users and giving them the design changes they always wanted. The new design is being called Material You and offers users a whole lot of colour and customisation options. The UI will now be able to adapt to the currently set wallpaper, pull out the dominant and complementary colours from it, and change the colours of the UI theme accordingly.

Major Changes that come with Android 12: Everything you need to know

The UI features big bubbly colourful buttons all throughout, along with smoother and quicker feeling animations and is “the biggest design change in Android’s history”, according to Sameer Samat, VP of product management, Android and Google Play.

Apart from the big bubbly icons, a lot of attention to detail has been noticed around the animations and the behaviour of the Home screen widgets, that now have a new look and can change colour based on the area of the home screen they are placed over. The team has also worked on the optimisation of the software so that it uses 22 percent less CPU time, the system server uses 15 percent less of the bigger, more powerful and battery-intensive core on the processor, and that should result in lesser jitters and interruptions in the long run. This also means that users hopefully won’t have to upgrade to the highest end hardware with the high price tags in order to have a smooth, jitter- free android experience.

Everything you need to know Android update

Just like every other Android update, this update brings in some changes to the notification panel. The quick access toggles are big and bubbly and groups of notifications are put together in a big bubble, that is accompanied by a nice little animation when swiped away. Other new design elements include the huge clock that now sits on the centre of the lock screen when there are no notifications and gets slightly smaller when notifications start coming in.

Holding down the power button now brings up Google Assistant just like the iPhone’s power button is used to launch Siri. Other changes include new privacy controls for camera, mic and location which basically allow the users to restrict apps from gaining access to their Private space in an easier and and more convenient way.

The new operating system comes with a new Privacy feature called APCC or “Android Private Compute Core”. Google cleared the fact that this doesn’t involve another Chip as that’s what people generally assume when they hear “Core”. Instead it’s a walled of section of the Software that will be used to perform AI related operations by limiting the powers of the AI so that it is not able to invade the user’s privacy. This clarifies the fact that Google is planning to embrace and introduce more AI based operations in future.

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