Who is Ashli Babbitt and why was she shot?

A week before the horrors, Ashli Babbitt took to Twitter to announce to her fellow friends that they’ll be getting their share of win on 6th of January 2021. Ashli served for the country for 14 years at Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard. According to her brother, serving most of her youth for the country and not being listened to disheartened her and made her protest.

Ashli Babbitt is the women who was shot at capitol riot on 6th January by a “High Ranking Democrat”.

Trump’s take on the Situation

According to Donald Trump, the officer who shot her dead is being backed up and protected by the government. His position as the head of security for a high official is the reason why he is being covered up,- Trump spoke over a telephonic interview. Trump’s statement is being criticised by many and is being called out a dangerous step.

Video circulating

As a video of the killing is doing the rounds, there is no denying that it was too brutal to shoot a protestant, specially an unarmed protestant. The officer shot at Ashli, when she attempted to enter the US Capitol, with the help of two men with her. She was crossing the door after breaking the glass when she was shot; she immediately collapsed and blood started oozing from her mouth.

A small business owner Ashli worked as a pool cleaner. Her husband says she was protesting because she felt she was being wronged.

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