Ashli Babbitt Death: Live streamer Andrew Bennett pleads guilty

Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, along with her fellow mates decided to participate in the protest against the elections. A week before the protest she made her intentions clear on the twitter. However, things didn’t go as planned for Ashli and she was shot dead during the protest on 6th of January 2021. Her death enraged many and people demanded justice.

Pool cleaning business owner Ashli was an Air force veteran. She was unhappy with result of elections and demanded being heard. Her family was unaware of her intentions of going to the protest but as her bother says, they were “not surprised” to hear that she was a part. She was too disappointed for not being heard in her own country after serving it for fourteen years.

Live streaming

Andrew Bennett, another protestant who was the part of the chaos decided to Facebook live stream the happenings. It is through his live stream the viewers witnessed the brutal shooting of Ashli. Soon enough the video started spreading like fire and the issue was brought out into open.

Following the investigations, the shooter or the security personnel was not found guilty and was let go uncharged. However Andrew’s presence and his four live streams brought all the attention down on him. His Facebook history and posts were searched and it came into light that similar to Ashli he also announced his intentions to protest at the Capitol.

Charges on Andrew

Andrew was charged among other twenty one plus protestants. His Facebook post landed him on trouble and he was accused for conspiring due to it. He had to pay the penalty of $500 and have been booked for six months. Andrew’s live stream has a played a major role in bringing forward Ashli’s death story as well as shedding light on his involvement.

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