AstraZeneca Vaccine: The Case of Alyssa Kent

As the world constantly plummets down to the bottom of an endless ravine owing to the global pandemic that we’re witnessing escalate on a day-to-day basis, there’s still hope that one day we will fight through the ravages that are plaguing us day-in and day-out. If you asked anyone a few months ago, their take on a solution to the problem at hand would be either mass vaccination or attainment of herd immunity, whichever of the two happened first.

Being hopeful about a potential recovery did not prove to be aimless optimism, as with the passage of time, tireless research into a potential cure did bear fruit, with multiple pharmaceutical companies releasing their versions of a vaccine to the deadly virus. But the question to be asked is, are the effects of these vaccines all sunshine and rainbows? Or is there a more concerning tale that may be slowly unraveling itself?

These concerns are not baseless and are considerably alarming, especially with the news of the Delta variant spreading like wildfire. Until recently, it was Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine that was at the center of these concerns, however, a recent case brought to the surface revelations that pulled AstraZeneca into the fray. Here’s all you need to know about an alarming case of the AstraZeneca vaccine’s daunting side effects.

AstraZeneca Vaccine: The Case of Alyssa Kent

The Case of Alyssa Kent

Alyssa Kent, a 40-year-old mother of two, suffered a stroke as a result of being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Alyssa was administered the vaccine on May 17, 2021, 10 days after which she collapsed and experienced seizures. Her colleagues rushed her to the hospital, and the following days were filled with utmost distress for her and her family.

The seizures were traced back to a stroke she faced as a result of blood-clotting post-vaccination. The situation was so dire that her husband was asked by the hospital staff if she should be brought off life-support. Fortunately enough, another doctor acted efficiently and induced her into a deep coma, from which she woke up 3 weeks after the stroke.

Since she had blood clots in her brain, she had to undergo three brain surgeries and has witnessed a speedy recovery, however, there is still a lack of clarity as to what the long-term effects would be. She is also required to be on permanent medication in order to prevent further clotting.

Alyssa’s Take on Vaccination

AstraZeneca Vaccine: The Case of Alyssa Kent

The ordeal that Alyssa suffered has not deterred her stance on the importance of getting vaccinated. She has specified, however, that she’d wait for the availability of the Pfizer vaccine when being administered her second dose. She has also urged everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest, as she believes that vaccination is key to the restoration of normalcy. She has however issued a word of caution that while the risks associated with taking the AstraZeneca vaccine are rare occurrences, their effects are detrimental.

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