Ethereum is a blockchain-based network that can receive and transfer value from anywhere in the world using its crypto. Ether is free from the intervention of any third party. But it goes beyond that. 

As is well known, supply and demand significantly determine Ethereum (ETH) price. However, that isn’t the only factor. There are numerous additional aspects that also directly affect crypto tokens.

Factors determining the price

Demand and Supply

Supply and demand are the most crucial aspects affecting any cryptocurrency’s price spikes and drops. The supply and demand of cryptocurrencies immediately affect their price. Conversely, the cost of Ethereum will directly affect the level of demand. In other words, if demand declines, so will the price.

2.0 Eth Staking

The Ethereum network has been modified to allow you to stake ETH for interest. Even though the ETH 2.0 system is still in beta, more than AUD 1 billion in ETH has already been locked up for staking, reducing the token’s overall supply.

High Volume of Transactions

Rising transactions have an immediate effect on the crypto’s price. With the massive volume of transactions, trading fees on the Ethereum platform rise. These fees are required to compensate Ethereum miners for selling their tokens on the cryptocurrency market, which increases the available supply of Ethereum.

Because you need Ethereum to be capable of paying transaction fees, the need for more ETH tokens rises as the prices rise.

Price of Bitcoin

Among the most potent cryptocurrencies on the market is bitcoin. Therefore, it is probable that the value of other assets, especially Ethereum, would increase if BTC is positive.


The cryptocurrency market is highly competitive, and success isn’t for everyone. Hundreds of new cryptos are created monthly, and most don’t have a rich history. If the cryptocurrency shares some of its effectiveness with Ethereum, whoever successfully maintains control could significantly impact Ethereum (ETH) price.

Media attention

This is yet another crucial element that impacts the price of Ethereum. The majority of major media outlets are occupied with DOGE and BTC. The price will undoubtedly increase if the media gives Ethereum at least a bit more attention and helps it reach more people.


When many people embrace something, its valuation instantaneously soars up. So, one can contend that adoption is significant in deciding the value of Ethereum. This argument becomes even more compelling when a substantial flood of new customers or buyers engages in this cryptocurrency.

Suppose a large company or business adopts Ethereum or that a well-known economic sector begins to use it. The cost will go up. The influx of new users naturally increases the demand for cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it reduces the danger of volatility while assisting in market stabilisation.

Future Prospects

Many large investors buy any stock based on its potential for growth in the future. They invest money in stores if they believe they will do extraordinarily well in the future. Similar to this, many people buy Ethereum only for its prospects.

Ethereum is one such currency ideally suited for intelligent contracts and digitisation. Most FinTech organisations or firms today are motivated to apply intelligent contracts, digitisation, and blockchain technology to perform operations.


With more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation worldwide, Ethereum is the second most widely used cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Before investing, you need to consider several things. You must conduct an in-depth study of cryptocurrencies like Ether and ensure your funds are in order. Additionally, confirm that your bills are secured, your emergency savings are sizable, and your retirement savings are well-funded.


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