Madison Cawthorn, a Republican from North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, spoke with Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo about his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s mental health and Jill Biden’s treatment of her husband. Representative Madison Cawthorn argues that President Joe Biden is “mentally unstable” and that first lady Jill Biden should be chastised for treating her husband “cruelly.”

Salcedo claimed that Biden “had lost control of the pandemic,” citing unvaccinated people crossing the border. In terms of COVID, he asked Cawthorn if Republicans should “hold Biden accountable” for “setting America in reverse.”

madison cawthorn

Claims of Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn expressed himself as follows: “I’m speaking from a neutral position here. I believe we should indict Jill Biden — not in the criminal sense, but in the sense of calling her out for being so cruel to her husband.” He went on to say, “The man is mentally disturbed. He’s suffering from some mental deterioration.”

Sharing of common thoughts between Madison Cawthorn and other Republicans

Madison Cawthorn isn’t the only Republican to raise concerns about Biden’s mental health. On June, 14 Republicans, led by former White House physician Ronny Jackson, signed a letter urging the president to take a cognitive test. During a Fox News appearance, Jackson, representing Texas’ 13th congressional district, renewed his request for Biden to take a cognitive test.

madison cawthorn

Every day, Jackson claims, he demonstrates that something is going on. And he went on to say that you don’t have to be a doctor to notice that something is wrong with this behaviour.

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