10 Renter-Friendly Home Redesign Projects

Changes are the most stable thing in our life. It is clear that most of us do not like changes and try to resist them. Our brain is very lazy. It does not want to leave its comfort zone. With changes, you have to. And it is not bad at all. Also, when you are planning for business setup make sure that corporate security will be the first thing you can do.

On the contrary, psychologists suggest challenging your brain with small changes every day. Experiment with your home-office route. Try out different recipes when you make pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes write essays yourself; sometimes, order them. Make a mental note that the writers at EssayPro offer students paper writer service of great quality. Do things differently and see how much you enjoy it.

The same goes for our living space. When we spend a lot of time in the same place, we get bored and discouraged. We do not always have an opportunity to travel to change the surroundings. But we can redesign our home.

If your living space belongs to you, you can do whatever you want: repaint your walls, replace the furniture, or even demolish some walls. If you do not like the new design, you can start all over again.

When you rent an apartment, you should be more careful with your choices. On the one hand, there is no reason to give your landlord gray hair. On the other hand, you should plan your investments carefully. Invest into the changes that you can take with you “in your pocket” when you move.

Your brain is telling you that this mission is impossible. Because it is lazy, we told you. Your brain sees the renter-friendly home redesign project as an unnecessary challenge. But trick your brain and persuade it that it is fun!

What Can I Do With My Walls?

We often get bored with the color of the walls in our apartment. We do not feel motivated in this room anymore, so it becomes difficult to study or work there. We cannot repaint them, but who said there is no other option here?

Paintable wallpapers

It may not be as easy as changing the wallpaper on your phone or laptop screen. Yet, peel-and-stick paper is easy to remove when you decide to leave your current apartment. This solution is not the cheapest one, but it will definitely make you feel like you live in a totally different space now.

An accent wall

If you do not want to go as far as changing the wallpapers, this is your option. Choose a wall that you want to look special. Then use one of the following ideas:

  • create a gallery wall (use photos or artwork, but no nails!)
  • hang a large tapestry on this wall
  • create a chalkboard wall (great both for your kitchen and your living space. You can write the one-pot dinner recipes or your tasks to do on it)
  • use tile tattoos

The last option concerns your kitchen or bathroom. You cannot change the tiles. It is time- and money-consuming. And your landlord may not like it all. But you can use removable decals to refresh them. It is similar to adding little stickers to your nail design. Some people also make tattooths – tattoos on their teeth! So tiles are not a big deal.

What About the Floor, the Ceiling, and the Windows?

Once you refresh your walls, you will start asking yourself this question. We have the best three solutions ready for you:

  • buy a nice carpet to hide your old/ugly floor (if a carpet does not fit your budget, buy a series of small rugs)
  • Install a ceiling fan (it is both a creative and a functional solution)
  • buy new curtains for your windows (your walls are a different color now, so get some curtains to match)

Big Changes Are Not For Me – What Should I Do?

If a redesign is a synonym for a disaster for you, there are still some options on how you can play with your space with no big effort. 

Add some islands of light

How many sources of light do you have in your room? Instant messages popping up on your phone screen do not count. If you only have a chandelier on your ceiling and a lamp on your desk, consider investing in light fixtures. Put a night light on your bedside table or a floor lamp in the corner of your room. Feel the difference.


Use your fridge

You can decorate your fridge with anything magnetic. It can be something customized. For instance, you can order your photos on a magnetic base. Or perhaps you have a collection of magnets from your journeys. Both options are not difficult but quite stylish.

Decorate your space with plants

A bunch of fresh flowers on the table changes the look of the room immediately. But buying new bouquets every time the old one fades is expensive. Go for potted plants. Succulents are the best option for students. Pincushion cactus, lucky bamboo, or aloe vera are the variants to consider.


Create an illusion of a bigger space

The easiest way to make your space feel bigger is to use a mirror. The bigger the mirror is, the larger your space will feel. But you can also make a room divider. It is a great home improvement trick for students renting together. No need to build walls – use a curtain or a bookcase for this purpose,

Buy simple floating shelves

It is both an aesthetic and a functional solution. On the one hand, you create extra space for your belongings. On the other hand, they can serve as decor. You can put framed photos or your favorite board games on these shelves. But make sure you are allowed to hang things on your walls. Read on to find out more useful tips.

Useful Tips to Avoid Risks

No matter how renter-friendly your home redesign project is, it is always better to be on the safe side. So, if you decide to revamp your rented apartment, make sure you:

Talk to your landlord first

At the end of the day, it is their property. So it would be nice of you to tell them about possible alterations. Or even better – get written consent from them. Some tenancy agreements prevent any renovations without the landlord’s signature. Better safe than sorry.

Buy reusable items

Do not waste your budget on things that you cannot take to your new home when you decide to move. See your purchases as a long-term investment. Curtains, magnets, lamps, and potted plants are all good choices.

Always keep everything that you remove

If there was an ugly carpet that you replaced with colorful rugs – do not throw it away. When you move out, you will take the rugs with you and put back the carpet where it belongs.

Hire skilled professionals

You do not need a professional to put a mirror on your wall or hang a tapestry. But when it comes to dangerous tasks, it is better to hire someone who understands how to do the job. You will definitely need help with installing a fan on your ceiling. Only an experienced electrician can do it.

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