What Are Comets? Best Comets GIF Collection

Comets are cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock and dust that orbit around the sun. When a comet orbit brings it close to sun, it gets heated up and releases dust and gases making it into a giant glowing head larger that the planets. Whereas, when these are frozen they are smaller than the size of a town. With the new technologies the comets GIF have become famous giving a brief look into these beautiful balls in the solar system.

What Are Comets?

A comet is an icy body in the solar system that gets heated up on passing closer to the sun by the process of outgassing. These happen sue to the solar radiation and wing acting upon the nucleus of the comet. A comet can be 15 times the Earth’s diameter. The process of outgassing produces a coma and a tail.

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Comets comes with high eccentric orbits and wide range orbital periods. Comets have an extended, unbound atmosphere surrounding the central nucleus. Also Watch.


The coma surrounds the nucleus of comet when it passes close to the sun. As the comet heats up the part of coma sublimes. It is made up of ice and comet dust and has a water composition of 90% that sublimes around the sun.

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Comet Tail

Comets tails are visible when a comet approaches the sun. As a comet reaches the inner solar system, solar radiation causes the volatile material to vaporize and steam out forming tales of dust and gases. The dust is visible due to reflection from the sun and the gases glow due to ionization.

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What Are The Effects Of Comets?

The heating process can result in meteor shower. The denser trails of debris will produce quick and dense meteor showers while the less dense trails will create longer but less intense showers. The density of the debris and intensity depends on how long ago parent comet released its material. Also Watch.

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It can have the potential to create amino acids making up protein through shock synthesis. It contributed to a significant amount of water to the moon surviving as lunar ice. However, there is some unusual myths and fear among people about comets.

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