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Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report Latest Update

The Internet plays a major role in today’s life. It is pretty much hard to live without the internet. Internet Trends always create a huge buzz all over the world. There we are going to analyze Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend report of 2019.

What is the aim of this Report?

Mary Meeker is a founder and former Kleiner Perkins general partner of Bond Capital. She presented her report in Silicon Valley at Code Conference 2019. This report was created to analyse that looked back at every important internet trend in the last year and how these trends can tell us what to expect in the upcoming year. mary meeker internet trends

The main focus area of this report are –

  •  Users
  •  E-Commerce + Advertising
  •  Usage…
  •  Freemium Business Models
  •  Data Growth
  •  Usage
  •  Work
  •  Education
  •  Immigration + USA Inc.
  •  Healthcare
  •  China (Provided by Hillhouse Capital)

Analysis of this report

This report has done a great job at analysing from accelerating internet ad spend in the US to the growth of digital delivery services in Latin America. mary meeker internet trendsThe main points described are :-

  • In 2017 there was 49 per cent of people were Internet users but in 2018 there is a reduction of 6 per cent in the growth due to many people who have come online that new users are harder to come by.
    • Tech companies are one of the world’s most valuable companies by market cap. 7 out of 10 belong to them who are valuable companies by market cap.Top Non-tech companies are
    1. Microsoft
    2. Amazon
    3. Apple
    4. Alphabet
    5. Berkshire Hathaway
    6. Facebook
    7. Alibaba
    8. Tencent
    9. Visa
    10. Johnson & Johnson
    • E-Commerce has reduced per cent in Q1 compared with 2017. For 2018 e-commerce have 15 per cent of retail sales.
    • In the United States, Internet Ads has shown up 22 per cent in 2018.  Facebook and Google are the most Internet Ads spending.
    • Customer acquisition costs are going up but still, it can be considered as unsuitable. The main reason behind it surpasses the long-term revenue those customers will bring. To avoid this problem she suggests cheaper ways to acquire customers, like free trials and unpaid tiers.
    • Targeted Advertising has several problems which includes
    • GDPR impact
    • Pushes for more privacy from hardware and software companies.
    • People in America are spending time more on Digital Media due to mobiles and other connecting devices. People spending time on Computer declines.
    • Tech Companies apart from United States innovation has remained robust.
    •  Images are increasing a lot due to people’s communication and technology and better phone cameras.
    • Interactive gamers all around the word have numbered 2.4 billion people last year. Fornite plays a major role in it.
    • Privacy is becoming a selling point. In the last three years, 53 per cent of global web traffic was encrypted but in 2018 it was around 87 per cent.
    • It’s becomes so difficult to get rid of problematic content on the Internet. Some of the major issues include
    1.   teens have experienced offensive name-calling online
    2. terrorists are being radicalized on sites 
    3. social media has encouraged increased political polarization.
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