I don’t know why but people love the horror genre. That’s why survival horror genre game is really popular among gamer.These horror games without jump scares are nothing. Let’s get into the scariest games with jump scares.

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

This game was inspired by the original interactive movie.  If you are not a spider-friendly person then don’t think about this game. This game is good at creating horror by all kinds of jump scares and creepy moments. Let me tell you just because you love spiderman doesn’t mean that you are going to love spiders in this game. It is different!

Top 3 Best Scary Games With Jumpscares That You Must Play

The Exorcist: Legion VR

If you love virtual horror which I don’t then this is perfect for you.  This too was inspired by the novel The Exorcist. This novel can create great horror than just image how much horror is in the game itself.

The sound designers did a great job by creating the creepy sound effects that make me say Save me.  You get to get your bluff friend who says I am not afraid of anything. Trust me it’s a good idea. Experience speaks.

Top 3 Best Scary Games With Jumpscares That You Must Play

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

The name itself has a paranormal word then we will not going to accept comedy from it. You just feel like you are visiting a haunted house in this game. Good job Graphic designer team!!

Not only the graphics but the sound effects are on another level for creating horror. You get frightened of even knocks, bangs, and movement coming from the other rooms or footsteps on the floorboards. So you have guessed how good it is.

Top 3 Best Scary Games With Jumpscares That You Must Play

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

When we are talking about scary games then how can I forgot this masterpiece! This is the most terrifying game you ever have played. The greatest twist in this game is that the main character is afraid of the dark when the dark is his only safety against the creatures that are hunting him. 

Are you serious how can that character be alive? This is way too terrifying even to imagine. Just think you have you conquer your greatest fear to survive. This is insane.

Top 3 Best Scary Games With Jumpscares That You Must Play

I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy.

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