APIs or Application Programming Interface is the process of enabling your application to associate with an external service by incorporating a simple cluster of commands. Through APIs, organizations can set out their services and tools. If you are a marketer or content developer, you might be required to access a wide range of data regularly. And, the paid or free API services lend the opportunity of generating a new functionality. 

Top 7 Free API Services To Make Your Web App Stand Out 

You can detect a proper API by analyzing certain characteristics. Authentic and exhaustive documentation updated in a timely manner, thorough authorization and security measures implemented especially in the free API services, a simplistic and user-friendly interface, and more. The following are the top free APIs listed:

  1. Mapbox API 

 As can be perceived from the name, this one is a location-based data platform that accelerates the maps and location services available in numerous popular apps. One will encounter multiple location features emphasized in areas like Navigation service, Search service, Maps service, and Vision service. You will undoubtedly enjoy its free version which offers ample information to be used for all development purposes. 

  1. Twitter API 

This is a popular API utilized for recovering and examining Twitter data. Furthermore, it is equally beneficial in the development of a conversation on the Twitter platform. The developers get to produce the tweets and replies with the help of their company’s API. Creating a developer’s account is often considered a cakewalk. All you need to do is sign up for the developer’s account, start traversing through it, and eventually build the Twitter API v2 using Essential access. With the help of essential access, you can make appeals to the Twitter API v2 endpoints that are restrained to 500K Tweets per month. 

  1. Facebook API 

The major advantages offered by the Facebook API are putting forward data and also drawing out data from the platform. Developers relish the use of Facebook API because of the availability of employing a broad spectrum of functions like photos, videos, user information, messages, and additional Facebook functionalities. All the APIs are laid open to rate limits. To help understand, Facebook rate limits are nothing but the total count of API calls that can be made in a particular period of time. And, this doesn’t only count the individual API requests but all the calls. 

When the integration is completed, you can acquire the information in your Instagram accounts, unite Facebook login on your web app, finance the apps with ads by using Ads Manager, or maybe get featured as a game on Facebook. 

  1. Spotify API 

The Spotify Web API is created on the foundation of REST principles. The query address of this Web API is – ‘https://api.spotify.com’ where all the appeals move. There are numerous endpoints offered by this API, each having a unique path. Focused on simple REST principles, the Spotify Web API endpoints revert back JSON metadata about tracks, albums, podcasts, and music artists, and handle your Spotify library, audio playback, and similar things directly from the Spotify Data Catalogue. 

  1. Shutterstock API 

Through the assistance of Shutterstock API, you will receive access to Shutterstock’s media library, acquire information about the customer’s accounts, and all the contributors supplying the media. The customer platforms can locate the media as well as preview it, view information, license, and download media. 

The free version of this API fills you with certain premium-quality images across numerous categories. You will enjoy quite a handful of the media library, develop collections, and observe thumbnails, view media. Though you will not be able to download or license complete pieces of media. 

  1. LinkedIn API 

LinkedIn is a crucial platform for everything job-related. It offers the developers the ability to unite a web app with LinkedIn by incorporating certain self-service products or partaking in an enterprise program. These are free API versions offering unconfined, simplistic, and uniform representation of the organizations, jobs, and people. 

There is a brand new Token Generator tool that has made it more convenient, to begin with, the LinkedIn APIs. It involves the complete configuration of the app and the generation of access tokens. 

  1.  OpenWeatherMap API 

This is quite a popular choice for accessing chunks of free weather data. Through this API, you will be able to obtain real-time weather data for any location in over 2,00,000 cities, weather maps, and forecasts. Therefore, if you are looking forward to making a map-based interface, this is the API you need. 
Apart from these aforementioned free APIS, the API number lookup, geocoding API, Skyscanner API, and more are practical for your use. All you need to do is find a good marketplace to access these free APIs. Only a proper marketplace will be able to guide in the creation of an API and also tell you how to sell your API.


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