Lita Ford Now And Then

Lita Rossana Ford born in 1958 emerged as a great artist through her talented skills in playing guitar, song writing and singing. She was the lead guitarist in 1970s of all the female rock bands, The Runaways. The artist came into the limelight because of her controversial statements a number of times. Also Watch.

Lita Ford Now And Then : Personal Life

Lita Ford was born in an American-Italian family. At the age of 16 she recorded under The Runaways, her first song under the album of the band. The band became popular for recording and tours throughout the world. Being the lead guitarist, she was recognised all throughout the world.

At the age of 11 she started playing guitar inspired by the work of Ritchie Blackmore. She was engaged to Tony Lommi in 1980 but the relationship didn’t work out for them.

Lita Ford Now And Then

In 1990, she married Chris Holmes for a short time. She then started dating Jim Gillette but the couple married each other in 1994 and have two sons. In 2011, on a radio interview she told that her marriage is over now.

Music Life

Lita Ford joined The Runaways in 1975 and the band became a successful act until they broke up in 1979. The internal conflicts between the group started and the group started splitting eventually.

Lita Ford Now And Then

After that, she started her own solo career by signing with Mercury Records and releasing her debut album Out For Blood which was a fail but her later releases were appreciated moderately by the public.

After 1996, she took a break to raise her two sons. After 2008, she re emerged with a new band and released her new album after a long wait in 2009.

Present Life

She had a major upturn from her new album that was released in 2009, Wicked Wonderland . The album Living Like a Runaway  released in 2012. In 2014, she received The Certificate Legend Award by Guitar Player Magazine.

In 2016, she released Time Capsule that had an analogue tape of her 80s. After her divorce with Gillette, she became an advocate for awareness of parental alienation.

Lita Ford Now And Then

The star came in front with her former Runaway, not being a feminist and banned album covers in an interview. She came forward with her new book that talked about her personal and professional life.

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