Strike Suit Zero : Director’s Cut ,Gameplay And Everything You Need To Know

Strike Suit Zero: It is a game by Born Ready and is a space flight combat game. The game inspiration was taken from numerous franchises, especially from Elite, and other franchises like- Homeworld, Freelancer, Colony Wars, Star Wars, Gundam, Macross, and FreeSpace.

The game was firstly released for Microsoft Windows on 23rd January 2013. Later, it was released for OS X Linux on 9th August 2013. And then, for Play station 4Xbox OneAndroidNintendo Switch.Strike Suit Zero

What is the basis of the game ‘Strike Suit Zero’??

This ‘Strike Suit Zero’ game is based on missions, or we can simply say it as a mission game. Whose aim is to restore the arcade-style space shooters from 1990, like Freespace 2. However, it is having more tactical considerations in comparison to traditional space shooters. It is also based on limited energy-based weapons, limited bullet guns, and missiles, and a masterful shuffling of strike-suit between the fighter-mode and strike-mode.

How many crafts and weapon systems are required in ‘Strike Suit Zero’??Strike Suit Zero

In this game, four crafts are available to the players, they are- Interceptors, Fighters, Bombers, and the Strike Suit (a form of transforming mecha). And the weapon systems offered to the players are-   plasma cannonsmachine guns, lasers, unguided rockets, and various types of missiles. With the upgradations of weapons, the new progress will be unlocked for further playing. In this game, the Space Stations and Stationary Weapon Platform are also present. This game supports the HOTAS Joysticks and Oculus Rift.

 About the game ‘Strike Suit Zero’…Strike Suit Zero

This game is a story-driven game for single players. In this game, a player assumes himself/herself as a fighter pilot for the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E). The game is in a battle formation in which there are enemies and allied forces.

On 2nd November, Strike Suit Zero got its funding of $100,000 on Kickstarter. And a new version has come whose name is “Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut”, which was released in April 2014, and consists of New Graphical Features, New Ship Models, Improved textures and Lighting, Fleet mission pack, and Marauder and Raptor Strike Suits.

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