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Solo Leveling Chapter 160 was recently aired and every fan is looking forward to read Solo Leveling Chapter 161. In this article you will also get to know about it’s release date, where you can read the manga online with some amazing spoilers at the end. So if you don’t wanna miss any of the updates, stay tuned with the article.

So, Let’s begin, Solo Leveling is an interesting anime series and with the recently launched chapter 160 we all are really very curious. Let’s break your curiosity.

Solo Leveling Chapter 161

Here is the trailer of Solo Leveling.

Recap: Solo Leveling Chapter 160

The ongoing battle between Jin-Woo and three monarchs. Jin-Woo finds a way to tackle the the shadow army However, Shadow Army was freeze. And, Jin-Woo didn’t understood the power of the Shadow Monarch.

At the end, Jin-Woo said that he will kill all of them. So, the battle will continues. Will Jin-Woo die? Or else he will kill everyone of them with his dagger? All the questions will be solved in the Next chapter. Here comes the twitter page regarding the next chapter.

What will happen in Chapter 161

This chapter will be titled as ”revolve around Jin-Woo. According to, Jinwoo’s HP has dropped to zero after what happen in “Solo Leveling” Chapter 161. Jin-Woo will die in the upcoming episode or can survive by healing up his body. Jin-Woo will get leveled up.

He can create a game changing spectrum so that more chapters will get introduced to the fans. The twitter shows the scene about a dissastrous fight about jin-woo. What are your thoughts about Will Jin-Woo Die Or Survive?

Release Date: Solo Leveling Chapter 161

The wait is actually over. Solo Leveling chapter 161 has released on Wednusday,4th August, 2021. It released on different times in different areas so many of you might be confused but it has been released in India as well. You can now read it on various online platforms. If you don’t know where to read it online. Follow us up next.

Solo Leveling Chapter 161

Where you can Read: Solo Leveling Chapter 161

  1. The chapter will show up on Webtoon’s official website named as ‘Tappytoon’.
  2. It can also be seen on on Toonily.
  3. Tapas Media
  4. The official raw chapter will be available at the Solo Leveling KakaoPage Official Website.

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