Startup Company is a really challenging game giving the actual feel of starting a company. This game is really strict with errors in the game, one mistake can create a huge loss of 100,000 registered users to the player’s company. If you are someone who really want a full feel of starting your own company and enjoy being a CEO of your startup. Here we have shortlisted top 5 pro tips to go for if you are a beginner.

Top 5 Strategies:

Startup Company Game Strategy

1. Which service to go for?

If you are new to this game then we recommend you to go slow take small steps forward. However doing so might take time but definately will save money for emergencies. Talking about which service to choose for your startup we would suggest you to go for streaming services as this has been observed to be most successful up till now.

2. Ask few questions to yourself before hiring any employee

This is very important for you to question yourself while recruiting new staffs for your company. Here are some questions that must cross check with yourself.

  • Do you even need any employee? Will it profit you or weather its a waste?
  • Can you actually afford having any employee in your company?

These two questions will actually help you in acting wisely.

3. Do notice profit

Do keep a check on your profit. If there is no profit coming from your product then this might be a red sign for you. After all you are receive your income from your investors by performing several tasks then this is one of the most important key that you must take care of. So keep an eye on your balance and spend them wisely.

4. Launch new products

Launching new product is really important. As soon as you notice that the first one is doing great and bringing you profit and is stable then you should move it to the platform above. This will actually help you in launching your new product at a low price and in easy going way.

5. Always follow management

Last but not the least is following the management advice. This is the most helpful feature added to the gam by the developer. You should always follow the advices give by the management this really helps in the growth of the company.

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