Kids look up to adults, and when they witness grownups decorating their nails with nail paint, it makes them want to experience the same exhilarating rush that comes with glamorising their nails in the same way that adults do. As a result, an instructional manual has been compiled that contains child-friendly and non toxic nail polish for kids recommendations. The following is a list of kid-friendly nail paints that are free of chemicals known to be carcinogenic, organised by price point and personal choice.

The Use Of Nail Paints By Children: A Fun Activity

It may seem like a pleasant hobby to paint a child’s fingernails or toenails since it involves you in conversation with your toddler. It seems innocuous, and there is not much to consider about it. The experience of getting a pedicure or manicure, offered at many salons, may make a child feel like they’re embarking on an exciting new journey. Children are often delighted by this concept because they like vivid colours, which imparts some grownup notions about them. However, before you paint your kid’s fingernails or toenails, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the paint you will be using.

Toxins Are There In Abundance In Regular Nail Polish!

Children like having “mommy time,” during which they may sometimes paint one other’s nails. On the other hand, that lovely nail polish bottle may often include many hazardous chemicals and poisons. There have been reports of four very toxic substances being discovered in various nail polish. Toluene is used to produce several items, including paint thinner, cleaning solutions, etc. Long-term and repetitive exposure to toluene may have a detrimental effect on the kidney and the neurological system. Phthalates are another sort of chemical that is used in nail paints and other types of personal care products. They are responsible for carrying scents and providing lubrication.

Phthalates, according to the findings of several studies, may cause a delay in the development of unborn infants and allergic response in those children. Formaldehyde is most often used to produce construction materials and some consumer goods. It is also used as a hardener in nail polishes to lessen the amount of nail chipping. Exposure for a prolonged period might result in serious health problems such as respiratory issues, preterm delivery, or some kinds of cancer.

Which Kind Of Nail Paint Are Most Suited For Use On Children?

The most significant difficulty when one considers applying nail polish to a young child is the possibility that the child may be exposed to potentially harmful ingredients intended for use in adult products. By a wide margin, the most child-friendly nail paints are those with water-based formulations. These nail paints may be readily scraped off, eliminating another possible source of pollutants in the nail environment.

Alternatives To Toxic Nail Paints For Children To Choose From

You may want to consider painting your child’s fingernails and toenails as soon as they stop putting their fingers and toes in their mouths. After almost two years, you will be able to use nail paints that are devoid of harmful chemicals, non-toxic, and suitable for infants and young children. No one knows when children will cease putting their fingernails or toenails in their mouths; however, some manufacturers offer nail paints, especially for infants and young children, that prevent potentially harmful chemicals.

The tiny quantities of poisons and chemicals ingested by children may have a disproportionately more significant effect on their developing bodies. Because of this, you need to exercise caution about the vanity product you choose for them to use. Always be sure to purchase the highest quality, non toxic nail polish for kids and nail paints for children to use so that they may remain safe while also enjoying themselves.


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