The greatest skincare products are those that are tailored to your skin type as well as your specific concerns. It is fun to experiment with new ingredients. 

Switching up your regimen with new formulae from buzzy brands or ones your favourite TikTok user swears by can also be enjoyable. Let’s take a look at the hottest skin trends that made it to our list!

1. Skin Barrier Defence

The skin barrier will remain a hot topic in skincare for the foreseeable future, thanks to microdosing, another of the year’s skincare innovations. With a lot of people becoming more aware of active substances, a range of highly concentrated products are now available, but with few to no instructions. 

As a result, there were a lot of irritations and compromised skin barriers, which should never be the purpose of at-home skincare! As a result, we are seeing a greater emphasis on barrier repair, calming compounds, and lower dosage treatments. Some individuals fortify their skin’s natural barrier by using the best day serums and moisturizers, and others by using the best night creams to facilitate their skin’s natural healing capacity.

2.  Microdosing

In relation, microdosing in skincare is the dropping of microscopic amounts of a special type of acid. An example is glycolic. It is combined with other active chemicals such as retinol. 

However, the procedure is the same as taking small doses of medications to avoid negative side effects. We all know that anything in excess can be unpleasant to the skin, such as over-washing, over-exfoliating, and using too much skincare.

3. Matrix PDO mono threads

Matrix mono threads are a single PDO filament type. These threads are smooth and free of barbs, making them less invasive of a procedure. To achieve tightening results, matrix mono threads are injected into the skin in a mesh-like pattern.

After penetrating the skin, the threads stimulate collagen synthesis, resulting in skin tightening and rejuvenation. These skin tightening procedures may be used to cure neck sagginess, forehead creases, and facial wrinkles by rejuvenating collagen. 

The threads may also enhance volume to the cheeks, with an average of 0 to 30 matrix mono threads used for each specific treatment location. For more information about matrix mono threads, you may check the website of EnVogue Skin.

4. Reusable containers

The beauty industry is confronted by a plastic problem. While the phrase “zero-waste products” is an oxymoron, there are techniques to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your beauty routine. 

The simplest solution is to choose products with refillable packaging, and I’m delighted to say that more manufacturers are jumping on board with this concept.


This year, as health and wellness become even more popular, we noticed an increase in the skinification of beauty. 

It is no longer enough to rely on primers and highlighters to get a healthy glow. We need special ingredients and new processes to renew our skin on a deeper level.


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