The issue of choosing a font in a textual logo

The logo is an identification mark, which is one of the identity elements that represent and identify a certain brand. It is important to keep in mind the logo should not be a non-objective set of symbols and an attractive picture. This is the accompanying symbol of your company, reflecting its basic principles and purposes. Moreover, the logo helps to make a product or service quite special, as it is a kind of distinctive and peculiar sign.

By the way, not only the firm and the company producing certain products can have the logo. The logo can also be an individual symbol of your own brand. For example, it can be a YouTube channel or even a fictional character, etc.

One of the most popular types of logos is textual. Only text or words are denoted on such signs, graphic elements are completely absent. However, the text written there is not thoughtless and meaningless, at best it is a stylized company name.

A logo created from text is ideal for companies that want to impress their customers. The first impression, as everyone knows, is incredibly important, essential and fundamental. The textual logo is certainly a symbol of restraint, style and minimalism. Almost always, such logos are accompanied by black or white colors, as if continuing the line of their restraint and austerity.

Moreover, the production of a brand name without a graphic image, as it is more convenient, easier, cheaper and faster. By the way, more and more companies have recently resorted to creating such logos. This type of identity works for brand awareness, which means it is especially relevant at the start of a business.

Creating a logo, every entrepreneur needs to follow some design principles. To be of high quality and potentially successful, a logo really must meet a number of criteria. Realizing that a logo is not a sign or a business card, it is significant to create it in such a way that it fully characterizes the basic concept of the company and brand.

It is rather essential to select the right font. The Greek alphabet invented a long time ago was not created in vain. Now we can use the data and discoveries of the ancestors wisely, and the aesthetic letters of the Greek alphabet in order creating a textual logo.

In fact, there are many options and ideas for creating textual logos. Existing words in the company name, artificial words, abbreviations, letters, numbers can be used as verbal elements. Among the textual logos, you can easily recall Pepsi and Netflix logos.

The font, acting as an element of the company’s style, has a strong association with the brand products sold. With the help of the distinctive features of the writing style used, buyers form an opinion about the company as a whole.

By the way, according to a number of studies in psychology, it has been found the font can have some effect on a person’s mood and emotional dynamic. Even if we are talking about the same words, then based on what font style they are written in, they can also carry different semantic coloring in the same way. So, it is incredibly important to choose the right logo that a potential client will directly see and evaluate.

It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the audience and the possible characteristics of potential buyers. It is influential to take a serious approach to selecting a font and not stop your choice immediately on the first one that comes along. You need to choose something that is more likely to be positively and effectively perceived by customers and buyers. What does it mean? For example, light, playful, slightly funny letters on an advertising sign or in a commercial will actively attract a children’s audience, but, for example, for business partners, such a style will undoubtedly be inappropriate.

For example, it is worth telling about a straight elongated font. Generally speaking, this font is used as a universal option for all types of companies, even despite the type of products produced. However, if the company’s goal is to distinguish products from similar competitors’ analogues, then this type of font will definitely not work. The fact is in this case it will look too plain. Nevertheless, you can add some colorful elements to the logo to make it more memorable and catchier for customers, even if the selected font is incredibly simple and uncomplicated.

The second popular font in terms of versatility is a strict square font. For example, the furore font. This type of font style is used in the elaboration of advertising signs for industrial goods, as well as various technological products and social posters. Of course, the use of a square font will definitely emphasize the importance of the transmitted information and will set people up for a serious perception and understanding of the meaning of this advertisement. Undoubtedly, this font style is suitable for attracting the attention of business people to the brand and the company as a whole.

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