Whaling Days 2022 :- What is Whaling Day and how do you define it?

This post on Whaling Days 2022 will offer insight into this annual event at Silverdale.

Are you prepared for Whaling Day As you can see, everyone is eager to hear the latest. Whaling Day, United States will take place in 2022 just as it does each year. This 3 day celebration, which was held for the first time in 1974, is sure to be filled with joy. Whaling Day’s board has announced the date for 2022. It is a 3 day festival that netizens will not be able to contain their excitement.

Let’s now get to the details. Continue reading this informative article about Whaling Days 2020.

What is Whaling Day and how do you define it?

Whaling Day is an independent, volunteer-run celebration. It was established in Silverdale in Washington in 1974. Whaling Day in 2022 will take place from July 29 to 31 like it does each year. This weekend will be full of fireworks and fun.

The background to the 3-day-long Non-profit celebration was previously disclosed to our readers. We will also reveal what will be happening at this year’s festival. Keep reading for more information on this festival.

Whaling Days Silverdale

Silverdale, Washington will host the 3 day weekend-long event. This event will be 3 days long and netizens are eager to see what they can witness.

This event will offer entertainment, concerts and authentic local food. Additionally, netizens organized parades and purchased food and other items from stalls. Later, the money was donated to a good cause.

We’ve already told you about the festival’s contents. Now we’ll share the 3 day festival schedule. Continue reading this post, Whaling Days 2020.

Whaling Day Calendar:

These fun, three-day events have been announced by The Whaling Day Board of Directors. The event will take places in Silverdale between July 29 and 31. Let’s take a look at the festival schedule.

July 29th:

  • Street vendors, 5pm-8m
  • 5.30 pm-10.30 pm – food and beverage vendors for 21+
  • 5pm-10pm – Family Stage/Fun Zone
  • 6 pm to 10pm – Main Stage Entertainment
  • Notice: Fireworks will be performed at Dusk
  • Further, Whaling Days 2020 July 30, Schedule 
  • 8:15 am- A whaler of a run
  • 10 am – Lion’s and Kidani’s grand parade
  • 11 am – 8 pm – Information booth/street and food vendors

July 31

  • 11am to 6pm – Street and food vendors
  • Main Stage Entertainment – 12 – 5.30pm
  • 12pm to 6pm – Beer and wine garden
  • 11 am – Family stage/fun zone


This post ends with information about the annual whaling festival. Here is the Whaling Days 2020 schedule For more information, please visit this link that will provide more information

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