Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooter developed by Hopoo Games it is the sequel to RoR 1. The game is playable on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo. The game is a battle for survival. The game features different characters with their own unique features and different gameplay.

Risk of rain 2 all characters and how to unlock them!

Characters in Risk of rain:

  • Risk of Rain 2 has 10 characters: Commando, MUL-T, Huntress, Engineer, Artificer,  Mercenary, Rex, Loader, Acrid, and the most difficult Captain.
  • The character Commando and is unlocked by default other characters are unlocked as you go on with the missions and the game.
  • It is not that hard to unlock the characters and once you unlock them you’ll get different ways and opportunities to play the game differently, which can be pretty fun.

Risk of rain 2 all characters and how to unlock them!

  • Huntress: This is the easiest one to unlock you just have to go to level 3 and do the teleport without dying.
  • MUL-T – It is a very interesting character and unlocking is pretty simple you just have to complete the first teleporter event five times.
  • Engineer – This is a level higher difficulty, to unlock this character you’ll have to complete 30 stages, which happens as you complete the storyline of the game.
  • Artificer – For this character, you don’t have to do much you just have to collect 11 lunar coins, these coins are randomly dropped by the enemies so by exploring the world and defeating enemies, then once you receive that look for an altar, it is easily located as it is spawned in each level then you have to activate the portal with the lunar coin, after doing that you’ve to defeat the boss and then it’ll give you access to a blue portal which leads to a hidden shop known as ‘Bizarre between time’ over going there you’ll find a giant lizard and there you’ll find an option to ‘Release the Survivor’ use your lunar coins then you free the survivors on doing that your character gets unlocked.
  • Mercenary – You unlock the fascinating character by obliterating yourself at the obelisk.
  • Rex – It is another cool character that you unlock by bringing the fuel array from your escape pod and repairing the damages on abysmal depths (3D)
  • Loader – This character is unlocked on stage 4, you’ll have to go to an area known as ‘Siren’s call’ where you’ll encounter lots of eggs, you’ll have break these eggs in order to provoke a boss and then on defeating the boss you’ll unlock the character.
  • Acrid – To unlock this character you’ll have to go to the same hidden shop mentioned above ‘Bizarre between time’ where you’ll find another portal that will give you access to void fields, inside that you’ll find different cells and you’ll have to stabilize all the cells to unlock Acrid.
  • Captain – This is the most difficult one to crack you’ll have to defeat the ultimate boss of the game and escape the planet as well to unlock this character.

These are the enthralling character of this incredible game make sure you check each one of them out and explore their unique characteristics.

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