No Man’s Sky Latest Update: Quicksilver & Everything you Need to Know!!

No Man’s Sky is an exploration survival game, the game released in 2016 and recently updated versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X came last year. The game is developed by Hello Games. So the game is basically set in a universe where you can explore different planets and collect different materials present in them and one which material or currency is Quicksilver.

no man's sky quicksilver

How to get Quicksilver?

  • Quicksilver can be collected by firstly, completing the Nexus missions , daily and week mission, The Space Anomaly is the place where you’ll find Nexus and the player will have to summon it and it can be done only once in a period of time so once you complete the mission, it disappears. You’ll get 250 quicksilvers per run (mission) before it goes, and 1200 specially on weekend missions but with origin update it got discontinued although it was mentioned that new methods will be updated to get quicksilver in the game.
  • Go into The space anomaly on any of your starships and press Down on the D-Pad and summon to get quicksilver. You can do the missions in a group or solo.
  • You can also farm quicksilver if you want a larger supply, you just have to find ‘Stellar ice’ which is object you randomly. encounter in space while pulsing through it and it has 1 out 6 possibility to get any of the following items per run, the items are Condensed carbon, di-hydrogen, quicksilver, nanites, uranium and dioxite.
  • These encounters if seen more carefully happens in a list of orders and exactly same every time so players will have to put a little effort os observe and use ht pattern for their benefit and gain the large supply. Also make sure you auto save before going for the run.

no man's sky quicksilver

Use of Quicksilver:

  • Quicksilver Synthesis shop aboard the Anomaly to buy a lot fascinating items like Vikings armors, a lot of lifelike helmets, the void egg and building blueprints.
  • Character customization can also be done using quicksilver by going to the vendor.

Quicksilver is one of the most essential and useful currencies of the game so make sure you use all the mentioned ways to stack up the currencies for a amazing gaming experience.

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