GTA 5, prodigy of Rockstar games is a billion dollar franchise with millions of players across the world. GTA provides the best gaming experience and the storyline of the game is one of the best in the gaming world and there are three main protagonists in the game each with their own unique characteristics.

These three characters are the playable characters of the game in between whom you can switch and complete their respective missions:

Michael De Santa :

When the game’s storyline begins Michael is shown dead during a bank heist but actually he became a FBI informant and then settled in Los Santos. Michael lives in a lavish mansion in the most famous location, Rockford hills with his wife, Amanda and his son, Jimmy and his daughter, Tracey. He has retired from his robbing criminal career but with because of a mess up with a Mexican Cartel he’s forced to return. Michael has his own missions in the game. He is one of the masterminds when it comes to planning and leading a crime, and he has one of the best missions, he also has really shooting skills.

GTA 5 playable characters

Trevor Philips :

The same heist with which the game starts Trevor was Micheal’s companion. Trevor and Micheal are bestfriends and share a lot of common traits, but Trevor is also kind of a crackhead and very impulsive. Trevor specializes in armed robbery, drug dealing, gun supplying he lives in a trailer park in Sandy Shores, he supplies from his company named “Trevor Philips Enterprise “. Also because of his anger he has tremendous strength and is great at fighting.

GTA 5 playable characters

Franklin Clinton :

Franklin is a ex street gangster who currently works for a man in a luxury car dealership and doesn’t really enjoys his work although he’s really good at it, whilst working he comes across Michael who later asks Franklin to join him and become rich. Franklin always had a dream of becoming a gang leader and living a comfortable life. Later , Franklin joins allies with Micheal and helps him with many of his endeavors. Franklin’s best skill is that he is a great driver.


GTA 5 playable characters

There are many more characters you’ll come across throughout the story but these three are the main characters around which the story revolves. Also you can switch between these characters in and out of the missions and to know the character’s abilites there is a meter on the bottom where you’ll find how to take best advantage of the character while doin different missions.

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