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Rosen Blood Vol 1 Recap

The 1st volume is been released on 7th December 2021. The story goes as Stella met with a horrendous accident and she wakes up in a gothic manner in the company of her saviours who are impossibly gorgeous men but guess what their gentlemanly behaviours have some brutal inhuman thirst. it to find out that can she unravel their condition and escape before it’s too late?.

Read Online Manga Rosen Blood,Vol.2 & Everything You Want To Know

En route to a new job hoping she will turn her fortunes she suddenly finds herself in a life and death situation. But she finds herself among mysterious young men who inhabit an impressive mansion guarded by roses if they would have not intervened she would definitely have perished. Having given up on their beauty she talked job of a maid. But there is danger around her everywhere in the mansion. IF you want to know more read the manga series online on

Rosen Blood Vol 2 Plot

The story Yearning between Stella and the mansion resident Levi grows into a dangerous romance. Levi’s Kisses prevent Stella from crystallising further but the effort causes Levi to fall unconscious from a raging fever. To save him Stella must journey into Levi’s soul and confront Nun Luchia’s grasp on his past. VOl 2 is due to release on March 1, 2022.

Read Online Manga Rosen Blood,Vol.2 & Everything You Want To Know


It’s whether to find out that whether Stella falls in deep love with Levi and go beyond the limits to save his love from dying. It also to find out that whether what sort of obstacles she will find to save her love and what might she do to tackle it. So stay tuned till then and enjoy all the manga series we are posting Because we have posted many manga series these days and we are just building up. here on our website, you can find all sorts of Volumes and chapter plot cast and release dates all latest so stay tuned and enjoy reading bye see ya!

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