It is pretty usual for “The Bachelor’s” contestants to fall into controversies but it’s the opposite when it comes to their Host Chris Harrison as the bachelor show’s host Chris Harrison have now issued an apology on his social media account for ‘perpetuating Racism’ when he came to defend his show’s current contestant Rachel Kirkconnell after her photos were allegedly shown in which she was seen attending an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal back in 2018.

Chris Harrison Apologizing

He has now taken a step back and is now reconciling for his actions. In a statement on Wednesday, Harrison, apologized for his words. “I have this incredible platform to speak about love, and yesterday I took a stance on topics which I should have been better informed. While I do not speak for Rachael Kirkconnell, my intentions were simply to ask for grace in offering her an opportunity to speak on her own behalf,” he wrote.

Chris Harrison Apologizing for ‘Perpetuating Racism’
Chris Harrison Apologizing for ‘Perpetuating Racism’|EDF

He also added by saying: “What I now realize I have done is cause harm by wrongly speaking in a manner that perpetuates racism, and for that I am so deeply sorry. I also apologize to my friend Rachel Lindsay for not listening to her better on a topic she has a first-hand understanding of, and humbly thank the members of Bachelor Nation who have reached out to me to hold me accountable,” Harrison concluded his statement by promising to do better.

Harrison said to Rachel Lindsey in an interview, “We all need to have a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion. I’ve seen some stuff online, again this ‘judge jury executioner’ thing where people are just tearing this girl’s life apart and diving into her parents and her parents’ voting record. It’s unbelievably alarming to watch this.”He added by saying, “I haven’t heard Rachael speak on this yet. And until I actually hear this woman have a chance to speak, who am I to say any of this?”

“To my Bachelor Nation family — I will always own a mistake when I make one, so I am here to extend a sincere apology,” Harrison posted in his Instagram account on Wednesday evening stating: “I have this incredible platform to speak about love, and yesterday I took a stance on topics about which I should have been better informed.”

Harrison, who has hosted “The Bachelor” since 2002, also apologized to Lindsay on Wednesday for his remarks.

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