Bruce Sprinsteen arrested for DWI after one shot of Tequila at New Jersey

Bruce Springsteen got arrested for Driving while intoxicated after one shot of tequila. He is an American musician and singer. One of his fans offered him a shot of tequila in Sandy Hook, New Jersey in front of a police officer.


A fan recognized and asked him to pull over when he was on his motorbike. He also offered Bruce to have a shot of tequila. He accepted his fan’s offer of tequila in front of the police and later got busted for DIW according to reports. Bruce Springsteen was charged with driving indoors and under the consumption of alcohol by DIW.

Bruce Springsteen’s blood-alcohol level was 0.02. It was just a quarter of his legal limit at New Jersey. The legal limit of blood-alcohol level in New Jersey is 0.08. Springsteen’s charged with DWI. His blood-alcohol level was reported by  Asbury Park Press.

News of the bust crashed after Springsteen showed up and gave an account of a Super Bowl spot for Jeep.

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