The Best Bitcoin Wallets to Try in 2022

Many people are considering investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which has become the latest craze. You could be one of them. Investing in Bitcoin requires one to own a Bitcoin wallet. This is mainly an application with passwords and private keys that enables one to store their digital assets. The wallet can only be accessed by the user, giving you direct authority over your stored BTC. 

Without further discussion, here are the best Bitcoin wallets to try in 2022. 

Searching for the Best Bitcoin Wallets? Check Out Ledger

A Ledger wallet is an example of a cold wallet that stores Bitcoin offline. This is a great way of maintaining security since the wallet is hardly connected to the web. Ledger is differentiated into two variants, each with different prices and features. There is the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S. Both are hardware wallets. The only difference between the two variations is the storage space. The Ledger Nano X has a much bigger space since it allows for the installation of an external storage device, whereas the Ledger Nano S has limited space.

If you are an investor investing in more than one cryptocurrency, it is best if you choose the Ledger Nano X since it will provide you with room to add additional applications such as Loop Finance to support other coins. 

Atomic Wallet 

One of the best Bitcoin wallets to store your coins is Atomic. It is an example of a cold wallet, so the chances of your wallet being hacked are reduced. You can access your coins by linking the wallet to a phone or desktop, making it easy to carry out transactions. 

Atomic Wallet accepts more than 500 other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin included. Therefore, there is no need to own many wallets. You can use this for every coin you want to store. 

Exodus—One of the Best Bitcoin Wallets

Exodus is among the best Bitcoin wallets when it comes to functionality and easy-to-use features. Anyone can access Exodus without having to strain themselves with challenging terminology that only ends up confusing users. It is free, meaning any Bitcoin investor can use it without worrying about monthly or annual fees. Users are issued private keys, giving them authority over their stored coins. 

Exodus enables access to other services such as exchanging coins for different cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin lending, which is one of the most popular ways of earning more coins.

Trust Wallet 

Trust Wallet is an example of one of the best Bitcoin wallets that is easily accessible on digital gadgets such as phones and laptops. It was created and is supported by Binance, which is a well-known cryptocurrency platform. 

Despite having been developed by Binance, users are given the authority to control their stored BTC. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anyone involving themselves with your wallet. 


As an investor in Bitcoin, it is best if you use wallets such as the ones discussed above. They are easily accessible, safe, and not to mention, free. Therefore, the next time you are searching for the best Bitcoin wallets, don’t forget Exodus, Trust Wallet, Atomic, and Ledger.    

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