Read Manga Online Kaiju No.8 Chapter 42 Release Date, Raw, Spoilers And Latest Updates

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 42 is yet to Release. The previous episode was very interesting. Followers are keen to read the new chapter super soon. It is also known as Monster #8 which is a manga by Shonen Jump.

VIZ media has taken authority to release the English scans of the manga. We will share everything about its release date and where can you read it online. So, let’s begin.

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 42


Recap: Kaiju No.8 Chapter 41

This chapter tells about newly emerged devils which appears to come up from beneath the earth surface due to a severe earthquake occurred recently.

The devils are now fought by our heroes i.e. Gen and his division members. The next chapter will tell more about will they be able to defeat the epic monsters?


Gen discovers the that the fight is still continue and asks for its status. The Miyake Platoon said that al kaiju’s have been fought by them.

Two news members will join the team Gen have faith on them both and hope for a better result. Who are these two new members? They are Kikoru Shinomiya & Kafka Hibino.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 42: Release Date

The wait is over!! Kaiju No.8 Chapter 42 is planned to release on 19 August 2021, which will open but exciting things for us fans. It is scheduled to come out at 12 JST and in other parts of the world the timing may differ.

Where to Read Manga Online?

You can read it on platforms like,

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