How to Choose the Right Dress for the Bride’s Mother:

Every part of a mother’s life is interconnected with their children’s lives. A mother giving birth is considered the best day in a mother’s life. And watching kids grow, study, settle, and eventually get married are different phases in which mothers play an important role. As such, a daughter’s wedding day is as precious to the mother as it is to the daughter. So, there are many mother of the bride dresses that one can wear, while the choice of the dress speaks for the connection that the mother and daughter share. 

Keep It Simple

Since it is not the mother’s day but the daughter’s, it is essential to keep the outfit simple. This will also ensure that the bride’s dress is highlighted when the mother walks with her. So, wearing an elegant colour with a simple design gives a minimalistic look to the person. Since most of the mothers of the bride lie in the age gap of 45 to 60, the casual yet elegant look would be perfect for their age. Meanwhile, colour is an integral component in deciding the vibe of the dress. And if the dress is of dark blue, floral, or green colour, it gives a luxurious appearance, while nude colours are minimalistic. 

Different Types

Depending upon the event’s richness and culture, many mother of the bride dresses are available. Meanwhile, mothers usually wear simple yet classy clothes during their daughter’s wedding to highlight them and not themselves. And depending on the event, the following are the available styling options:

i) Bridal Shower: Bridal showers are expected in western countries where the relatives dress up the bride and have a party. A simple body-fit dress with a belt would be a good option for a bridal shower. And adding a diamond necklace and earrings would add a vibe to this dress. As such, pair it off with heels or party shoes, and one would look exquisite. 

ii) The Wedding Day: It is the primary day where the bride’s mother has to manage many things and yet look beautiful. So, a long netted maxi dress of a nude colour would do the job. Colours like peach, sea green, black, and shades of brown are suggested instead of bright and pastel colours. Meanwhile, this simple maxi dress can be made grand by topping it off with the right jewellery and footwear. 

iii) Reception: This event generally takes place after the wedding day. This day contains events like dances and rituals, followed by dinner. As such, this day requires utmost dedication and patience from the mother. Hence, the clothing for this day has to be very comfortable. As such, a cocktail dress would be the right fit for this day as it is very lightweight and gives a luxurious look. The material and designs for this dress must be chosen carefully so that it does not cause discomfort for the mother.

So, one should always consider the bride’s opinion before selecting any outfit. And if the bride wants to twin with her mother, then going for an extravagant dress to match the bride’s dress is recommended. On the contrary, if it’s intended to keep it simple, going for a casual nude outfit with simple designs is advised as they give the mother an aesthetic and classy look.


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