Jedi Dreams: The Journey of Crafting the Perfect Replica Lightsaber

Just like the Jedi Knights and Grand Masters that you love, you too can embark on the journey of creating your own lightsaber, and while you may not be able to travel to the ice-bound caves of Ilum to find a kyber crystal, replica lightsaber customisation does offer the opportunity for you to add your own unique touch to crafting a lightsaber that is just right for you.

If you’ve chosen to embark on the journey of crafting your own replica lightsaber, below are some tips that can come in handy.

Choose the Right Blade Colour

Even though blue, green, and red are the most common lightsaber colours, they are not limited to that. There are several other lightsaber colours available (purple, orange, yellow, white/silver, and even black), and since each colour symbolises something different, the one you choose should accurately reflect your personality and relationship with the Force.

Get the Right Blade Quality

The specifications and quality of your replica lightsaber’s blade are largely determined by its intended purpose. If it is strictly a display piece, then a thin-walled polycarbonate blade with decent blade lights would be just perfect. For cosplay and light sparring, a mid-grade blade (which is lightweight) is recommended. It should also be a model that has its LED strip built in the blade rather than in the hilt. This will make for more brightness in the blade lights.

If you’re, however, into serious lightsaber duelling, the perfect blade for your replica lightsaber would be a heavy-grade polycarbonate blade. This type of blade is the thickest and it offers more durability, so it will hold up during intense duelling conditions.

Blade lights and length are also important considerations when crafting a replica neopixel lightsaber. Your saber’s blade should have visual effects and sounds to accompany those visuals. In terms of blade length, the common choices are 32 inches and 36 inches, so you will need to choose based on your preference.

Hilt Specifications

The hilt is a crucial part of the lightsaber. It is the part that you hold on to while wielding the saber. It also houses the saber’s electronics and holds the blade in place. The hilt material you choose also depends on the saber’s intended purpose. If it is for display (cosplaying) and light sparring, then a good-quality plastic hilt should be okay. For a duelling lightsaber, a strong and sturdy metal hilt is really the only way to go.

Sound Effects

Your replica lightsaber is not ready until it makes that characteristic buzzing and sparkling sounds (just like in the movies) to accompany swings and strikes. Luckily, these sounds can be easily added with a good-quality soundboard.


In order for your saber’s features (blade lights and sound effects) to function, a power source is needed. Most models make use of batteries- specifically AA which can be found in most stores.

Lightsaber Accessories

Once you’ve crafted your ideal lightsaber with all the necessary parts, you can choose to make the saber stand out by adding some good quality accessories such as; couplers, blade plugs, blade tips, belt clips, a saber stand, and a case.


Crafting a replica lightsaber that is perfect for you takes a lot of careful consideration. You need to get each of the saber’s parts right while also ensuring that you continue to stay true to the Force. Hopefully, you find the above tips helpful in your journey to craft your dream replica lightsaber.

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