Read Online Eleceed Chapter 153: Release Date And Latest Update You Want To Know

Are you a fan of manhwa named “Eleceed”? then this article is for you only as here we are going to discuss about it’s latest upcoming chapter which is ‘Eleceed  Chapter 153’ including it’s release date. So let’s  begin without any further delay.

More About “Eleceed”

Eleceed Chapter 153

“Eleceed” is one of the most popular manhwa or Korean web comic which is written by Son Jeno. The illustration for this famous action fantasy manhwa have been done by Zhena (Kim Hye-jin). Since October 2018, this manhwa is being published by Naver. It’s English publication has been licensed by LINE Webtoon. 

This story revolves around a kind hearted young man named Seo Jinwoo who have super natural powers. One day, he witnesses a cat’s super fast reflexes. Actually, the cat is a human named Kayden whose aim is to worth towards bringing world peace. But how is he going to do that? The answer is what they have find together

‘Eleceed Chapter 153’: Released Date Eleceed Chapter 153

As the story has reached a turning point, the manhwa readers are going berserk after the release of previous chapter. It’s latest upcoming chapter which is the ‘Eleceed Chapter 153’ is scheduled to be released on August 13, 2021. In South Korea, the chapter will be released one day prior to it’s world wide release.

Where To Read The ‘Eleceed Chapter 153’ Online?

Eleceed Chapter 153

You can read the “Eleceed” on the official website of Webtoon. However, there the series is only available till the Chapter 121. For all the latest chapters, a subscription to paid private platforms is necessary. But, you still can advance for the series till Chapter 153 on private fan made translation websites..

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