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One Piece has sold over 490 million copies world wide as of July 2021 and is the best selling Manga series in the history. This spectacular series is created by Eiichiro Oda. The amount of hard work this man has put into building up the One Piece empire is unbeatable. This super cool Japanese series with strong storyline has fans spread out over 58 countries.

Achievement of the series

This series was also adapted into an Anime Series, however, today our focus will be on the manga series only. This amazing series also has Guinness World Record to its name for the most published copies of a single comic series by the same author. It also topped the charts of best selling manga for eleven consecutive years from 2008 to 2018. The series has been running from 1997! and has crossed over 1000 chapters!

One Piece chapter 1019

After a week’s break, a new chapter of the series was released recently on 18th July, 2021. There won’t be any more delays now we hope. The story will continue after Zeus has finally become the member of Straw Hats and probably soon it will be addressed how the Devil fruit works.

Don’t worry we won’t be spoiling the chapter for you, but make sure you catch on to it soon as you don’t wanna miss some serious fun reading.

Where to read the Manga

Some of the websites where you can indulge into reading this much acclaimed manga series are as follows:

  1. VIZ

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