Flo Og Strain Review: The Best Place to Buy Cannabis in the USA

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According to the breeder, this flavorful strain is known for its minty-fresh floral taste and floral overtones. There will be fluffy buds and auburn hairs, as well as a bronze trichomes coated. The Indica dominance of this variant and its compact structure give growers a generous harvest.

Does it taste good?

FLO and OG are a wonderful combination. It has a sweet, fruity scent, and hints of menthol. Exhaling will give you an exotic solid taste. It is great for daytime smoking because it keeps your head clear and elevates you apart from the pleasant scent.

Most people will love the terpene heavy flavor. It can break down tar-filled bong water and bong water, while still leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The smokey, rubbery smoke clouds constricts your tastebuds with sweet, acidic notes and a woody aftertaste.

Terpene Profile

  • Humulene – 0.23%
  • Limonene – 0.23%
  • Linalool – 0.38%
  • Sabinene – 0.15%
  • Total terpenes content – 0.99%

Smoking Experience

Its immediate effects upon smoking make it very popular. Many users refer to it as a functional Indica. It stimulates your brain with clear-headed euphoria. It will boost your mood as well as your energy. It is an Indica but its effects will not impact your ability to function. It makes you more alert making it a great choice for morning smokes.

The stimulation of smoking can give smokers a sense creativity and arousedness. It can induce sedation or rest if you smoke for a long time. You will feel refreshed and relaxed if you smoke a few cigarettes. Although the effects are positive and lively, it does not have any undesirable Sid effects like inattention or anxiety.

This strain is known for its sweet, syrupy stank and caressing aroma. It will instantly make you smile when you first try it.

Many users believe that Flo OG’s famed 50/50 high, which is untrue, is overrated. The balanced buzz is perfect for morning smokes and evening relaxing sessions. Kush can be used by novices and experts alike. If you are just starting to use marijuana, you might be a bit cautious about smoking it in the morning. If you must, have a cup of hot coffee with it.

Most users will feel a sense of calm and relaxation after the highs and lows of the marijuana. The strain can benefit people with muscle spasms, hypertension, Migraines, post-traumatic disorder, and hyperactivity/attention-deficit disorder.

Hypersensitive smokers are more likely to suffer side effects like dry mouth, thirst, paranoia, panic attacks, and paranoia.

Flo OG is a good choice for growers as it can thrive both indoors, and out. It can grow in both short and medium sizes (approximately 30-60 inches). The average flowering time for the plants is between 30 and 60 days. A harvest can be expected after 68 days from the day they germinate.

It’s not difficult to find the seeds. It might be difficult to clone them. There are two options: either growing it from seeds or starting a plant that will clone from. If all that is too tedious, you can just buy the plant and enjoy its flavor!

The Best Place to Buy Cannabis in the USA

The best way to save money online is by shopping online. Online shops all over the USA offer amazing weekly or daily deals.

The most well-known options are:

  • Drift
  • Groundswell
  • House of Dankness
  • River Rock Dispensaries

Most packages include visible lime-green buds. They glow in any container, bottle or bag that can hold them. These packages will have an Indica label. However, the buds are larger, wispier and more open than traditional Indica.

Check reviews before you buy online to make sure it is legit. There are some websites that may be scammers and want to steal your identity. All legal websites have reliable banking options, professional customer service, and a clear return policy.


Flo OG continues to be a favorite among pot smokers. People will prefer Flo OG because of its calming effects on the brain. While it tends more towards Indica, it is still considered to be somewhere in the middle. First-timers should take it slowly, especially if they are new to the habit. It is best not to smoke it for extended periods at once. While the high is relaxing, it doesn’t disappear as quickly. It will stimulate your brain and make it more active than it will mess it up. This could lead to you watching TV shows more than you should.

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