MotoPress Marks the First Thousand Customers of Their Appointment Booking Plugin

MotoPress, one of the top plugin & theme developers for WordPress has shared some exciting news about reaching the milestone of the first thousand customers with the Appointment Booking plugin.

Currently, 1,028 licensed copies of this versatile plugin have been sold to clients of MotoPress. This makes it one of the most prominent achievements of their team.

With over 10 years of background in design & development for the #1 CMS, MotoPress is a recognizable name in the industry. Since 2013, they have been providing diverse solutions that improve the experience of both WordPress developers and users. With Content Editor being the first breakthrough 10 years ago, today the experts of MotoPress are aimed at delivering more precise solutions. They solve specific tasks, such as hotel reservations or appointment booking. The mentioned plugin is one of the numerous products that showcase the skills of their team.

“I believe customers turn to the Appointment Booking plugin not just for its flexible and powerful functionality. We go beyond integrations, payment gateways, and bookings widgets. It’s about the turnkey solution that we provide – by buying a plugin, a business can also purchase a professionally designed theme. We have solutions for yoga studios, massage salons, educators, and coaches, to name a few. In either, the booking widget works seamlessly and looks outstanding out of the box.”, comments Oksana Shchyra, CMO at MotoPress.

The majority of the WordPress Appointment Booking plugin users come from the US and Europe, despite the plugin being available to everyone worldwide. With numerous positive reviews regularly submitted by MotoPress clients, it is obvious that not just the themes and plugins are appreciated but also the level of customer support service. The users of the abovementioned plugin vary from hotel owners to estheticians, making the plugin one of the most versatile tools ever released by MotoPress.

When it comes to pricing packages, there are several convenient options for buying the plugin for your website. Adding it to a single website will cost you just $59/year. You’ll receive the multisite license of the appointment booking plugin for $199/year. For those who want to get even more great solutions alongside the Best Appointment Booking Plugins, MotoPress provides a membership plan starting at $299 per year.

All MotoPress clients get all the advantages the appointment booking plugin delivers regardless of the pricing plan they choose. For example, the plugin includes a range of payment gateways allowing you to accept payments on your website. Besides, with step-by-step appointment scheduling, customers will find it easy to choose the fitting date and time and instantly make a booking. Moreover, with SMS notifications, it’s easy to significantly improve the communication with clients.

MotoPress was established in 2013 by Oleksandr Matiienko as a provider of top-notch products for WordPress. From modern designs for real estate, hotels, and online stores to plugins extending website functionality, MotoPress continues to deliver solutions that are becoming increasingly popular and widely used. A free demo & trial of the Appointment Booking plugin is available.

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