Hood: Outlaws and legends is the new forthcoming video game that is based on the legendary hero Robin Hood. The game’s developed by Sumo Newcastle and published by Focus Home Interactive.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Release Date:

The game is scheduled to release on May 10th, 2021, the date was announced during The Game Awards 2020. Players can also pre-order the game 3 days before the official release i.e on 7th May 2021  and also get some additional benefits like customs skins and outfits.


Hood: Outlaws and Legends Overview :

The game is mainly based on the medieval theme with the protagonist as Robin Hood but not the heroic character rather according to the studio head Owen O’Brien the game focuses on the “dark and brutal reimagining of the traditional legend.” the different side of the hero.

The game basically is divided into two teams as the title of the game suggests Outlaws and legends and the players can choose between Hood the Ranger, Marianne the Hunter, John Nailer the Brawler, and Tooke the Mystic as to what they want their player to be, each one of them has their own unique abilities and then they’ve to fight for all the riches and steal the treasures from the vault. Players can form groups for different heists and missions and work together to defeat the other group.Hood: Outlaws and Legends Release Date, Platform Support, Price and Features

Also after acquiring the treasure the players decide how much of it to keep and how much to give to the public being a philanthropist like Robin Hood and it also has its own benefits.

Platforms for the game:

The game will be available to buy for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S and on PCs it can be installed via steam or with Epic game store.


  • The game is multiplayer so you and your team go on the hunt for the treasure together and face the obstacles in-between. The game will have AI Controlled enemies who’ll guard the treasure and you’ll have to outwit them to get the treasure.
  • The game is divided mainly into three phases and you’ll be in competition with the opponent team throughout
  1.  The first phase is where you face the main boss, the Sheriff, and steal the key from him for the treasure.
  2. Then, for the second face you’ll be searching the treasure vault and loot the treasure simultaneously you’ve to beat the enemy team during the attacks.
  3. Lastly, once you’ve got the treasure now you’ll be combating against the Sheriff, enemies, and your opponent team players and you’ve to make an escape with anyone finding you, and then you split the treasure between your team and give some to the public.Hood: Outlaws and Legends Release Date, Platform Support, Price and Features
  • Scales of Justice is the place and an important part of the storyline of the game, as you’re playing Robin Hood’s story this is the place where you split your riches, the things you’ve stolen to decide how much to keep and how much to give away.
  • Player will choose between Hood the Ranger, Marianne the Hunter, John Nailer the Brawler, and Tooke the Mystic as to what they want their player to be.
  • The game will feature five maps Gwydion’s Rest ancient graveyard, Newton Abba an old town, New Barnsdall trading post, Lionsdale a citadel, and  Caer Merthyr a castle.

The game release is close and we’ll see how the game actually turns out for the players and how are the features and gameplay exactly.

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