The Process of Finding a Certified Tax Preparer in your City or Suburb is Now Streamlined

You heard it right! It’s easier than before to find a tax preparer near you, here in the US. A few specialist agencies like “Ageras” help individuals, as well as companies get access to the best accounting professionals, across the length and breadth of the country. The process is simple, easy and effortless. You just need to fill an online application form, and they help you by providing quotes of the top tax preparers and accountants near you. Well, every year before the start of the tax season, you definitely need the services of one such specialized professional that can effectively handle all your tax related woes. It is by looking through and scrutinizing all your financial records, final accounts book, bills, receipts, cash transactions , income & expenditure; they prepare a ‘full & final’ tax report. This is eventually submitted with the concerned revenue or IT department for getting tax rebates and waivers.

Who is a Tax Preparer?

A tax preparer is a professional that helps business owners, organizations and individuals with their taxation related matters. They offer expert advice and consultation on how to handle income tax returns, file sales tax, property tax, etc. They can also advise their clients on when to buy or sell a company/property, by assessing the current tax records and files. A certified tax preparer can also administer IRS audits, be it internal or external audits. Therefore, you need to choose a professional that matches with your job role requirements, especially when it comes to tax related issues. It is definitely complicated, complex and cumbersome to navigate through the tax rules & regulations in a DIY manner. Therefore, you need professional assistance. In fact, it is a help of a tax filing expert that can walk through the entire course of actions in a smooth manner.

How Can ‘Ageras’ Help Find a Tax Preparer?

For more than 10 years, ‘Ageras’ has been helping business owners and entities find the best tax preparers in their city, town or suburbs. The process is quite effective and simple. You just need to fill an online form in their official company website, mentioning all your job role requirements and company profile, and they help handpick the right professional. Within 48 hours, you’re provided with 3 non-binding & no-obligation quotes of the leading tax preparers near you. It is up to you, whether you want to shortlist a professional from these three quotes or look for somewhere else. This is the kind of flexibility offered, when you’re partnering with a trusted accounting service finding partner.

What Exactly is Tax Preparation?

It is basically preparing a full tax record or tax file, before the tax season every year. The services of a tax preparer are required when you file annual tax returns with the income tax department, for getting tax rebates. Well, filing tax returns can be quite a bit of a challenge, as US tax laws are constantly changing. It is difficult to understand and comply with the taxation rules. Therefore, you definitely need to look for taxes preparer near me or you that can not only help in preparing & maintaining tax records, but also file IT returns on your behalf.

If you’ve invested in a new business, bought & sold a property, inherited a big estate and worked or traveled abroad; you need a tax preparer to assess your tax obligations. Similarly, if you’re unaware of the tax benefits & advantages you’re entitled to, regarding deductions in the form of child tax credits, travel expenses or interest income, it is best advised to consult a tax expert in your city, here in the US.

One such expert in income tax or sales tax filing, can easily help you with extensive tax preparation, and also make you understand the tax implications of purchasing and selling a property, land, company, shares, securities, precious metals or any other high-value material things. Moreover, if your company has a fair number of employees, sales tax and offers benefits to employees; a certified tax preparer can help in getting everything in line, as per the rules, laws & regulations. This is how you can take advantage of all the legal deductions.

A tax preparer in the US also assists their clients in duly completing and filing their individual tax forms. As they possess a thorough understanding of tax laws, they can examine all the personal information of the client. It can be the social security number (SSN), financial statements, bills, cash receipts, personal & company expenses, as well as determine which expenses qualify for tax deductions under the prevailing US tax laws. This is how one such professional is able to reduce or minimize the tax obligations or tax liability of a client.

The Average Cost to Hire a Tax Preparer

Though it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of hiring a tax preparer near you or in your city, it basically depends on certain key factors and elements. In a majority of cases, a qualified & certified tax preparer charges a ‘fixed’ hourly rate. But again, it depends. Some tax consultants and professionals might charge on a contractual basis. The fee of a tax preparer also depends on your geographical location. The average hourly rate or fee of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be anything from $170 – $300, depending upon the nature, scale and extent of work. Similarly, some tax preparers might charge between $100 – $200 per hour, depending upon the type of tax forms and tax reports prepared.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a tax preparer in your city, you can always count upon the services of “Ageras” that has a vast network of tax preparers in any city of the US. They can easily help you find the perfect professional for your business that precisely meets all your job role criteria. In this way, you can maintain a clean tax record, and file a yearly return with the help of one such accounting & tax professional. Whether you’re a business or an individual, you definitely require the services of a qualified tax preparer near you, especially before the tax season every year. They can help file returns and reduce your tax liabilities & tax obligations in a legitimate way.

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