Minecraft Mods That Change The Game Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft is considered one of the addictive games of all time. Still, sometimes we all feel bored at a certain period even how addictive the game is. That why there we are going to talk about some awesome mods that change the game into a completely different form.

Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistic is the best mod for those who appreciate futuristic content and science-inspired technology. This is considered a revolution as Energy is a concept that doesn’t exist in vanilla Minecraft and list of minecraft servers

minecraft mods that change the game

For your knowledge According to the 1st law of thermodynamics – Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can change its form into another form. This law is followed by everyone but this game doesn’t need to.

Features –

  1. Get a ton of new blocks and items, such as brand-new tools to new decorative blocks and ores.
  2. can build structures you could only dream of previously.


Who needs electricity and wiring when you have Botania. It helps to create machines and farms that are automated through the magical power of plants. It is considered a natural and magical alternative.

minecraft mods that change the game

Features –

  1. You can create from tools to new potions.
  2. You get rid of wiring and creating mechanical machines.

The Under garden

The Under garden look like a Nether-like cave dimension. You will have a great underground experience with this. As you will have a new dimension you will get to know about

  1. new biomes
  2. new mobs
  3. New potions
  4. new musicĀ 
  5. new ores that can be crafted into powerful tools and weapons


minecraft mods that change the game

Biblio Craft is a real blessing for those who think there is a lack of furniture in minecraft. The main feature is that it adds so much detail and depth to the items of the game. You can make various furniture from From shelves to chairs and even desks.

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