Best Pictures Of Muhammed Ali Of All Times

The world famous boxer and activist Muhammed Ali will be having his fifth death anniversary this 5th June. The actor was nicknamed as The Greatest and was ranked as the best heavyweight boxer of the 20th century. There has been monuments like Muhammad Ali Center and Muhammed Ali Mural in the memory of the great athlete.

Looking for his unseen pictures and history? Well, we have got all that for you.

Early Life

Muhammed Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky where he started his training at the age of 2. He got his first gold medal in 1960 Summer Olympics under light heavyweight division. He converted his religion to Islam and adopted Sufism in 1961. He was a solid supported of Islam and worked alot to protect the country.

Pictures Of Muhammed Ali

He was African descent with some Irish and English family heritage. He was dyslexic and thus faced a lot of problems in School with writing and reading. He faced racial segregation because of his colour. He won six Kentucky Golden Gloves titles. His amateur record was mind blowing with 100 wins and five losses.

Professional Life

Muhammed Ali made his first professional debut with a win over Tunney Hunsaker in 1960. Till 1963, he made a record with 15 wins. Besides his win against a number of boxers he also won a match in 1962 against his trainer Archie Moore .

Pictures Of Muhammed Ali

By 1963, he became the top contender for Sony Liston’s title setting up a fight with Liston. But the outcome of the game was upset as they two were injured heavily but at the end of the seventh round Muhammed defeated Liston and won the match. Another fight that made a history was the one with Floyd Patterson where Muhammed defended his title.

After these fights, he got himself into a promotion company Main Bout that handled his boxing promotions and broadcasts. He did not fight for four years from 1967 to 1970 since he refused to be inducted in armed forces. After 1970, he finally got his license back and won all the fights he had.

Pictures Of Muhammed Ali

Personal Life

Muhammed Ali was married four times. In 1964, he married Sonji Roi and the couple divorced after two years. In 1967 he married Belinda Boyd and had four children with her. He started his extramarital affair with Aaisha Ali and Patricia Harvell. Because of Ali’s infidelity his second marriage came to an end. He married actress Veronica Porche and had a baby with her but they too got divorced due to the same reason.

Pictures Of Muhammed Ali

In 1986, he married Yolanda Williams and the couple adopted a son together. Muhammed Ali has been involved in many such affairs and was sued with claims regarding his parenthood. He was hospitalized in 2016 with respiratory illness. The condition got worsened with time leading to his death at the age of 74.

Pictures Of Muhammed Ali

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