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Are you knowledgeable about AGM-114 Hellfire R9x Hellfire is an American-made missile that has kinetic warheads. But People would like to know more about the missile and its capabilities. It is most commonly used in war situations. R9x Wiki will provide updates on this missile. People are talking a lot to this website.

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What is R9x exactly?

In 1974, the R9x was produced by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. This missile has sharp blades and is known as the Hellfire. The precision weapon is approximately 45 kg in weight and was designed specifically for anti-armor. It costs approximately US$ 150,000 and can be used for both surface-to–surface and air–to–surface purposes. We will soon discuss how the US used the missile to kill an armed terrorist. People are now searching for its uses, making it a popular topic.

Why Trending?

Ayman al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s chief terrorist, was killed by the Hellfire R9X missile. It is an anti-tank weapon. He was a high-profile terrorist and was responsible for the terrorist attack of September 11. On July 31, 2022 the Central Intelligence Agency used this weapon to kill Zawahiri (a Afghan resident). This was a huge achievement for the US as well as the entire nation. It was a hot topic. We will also share the specifications for the R9x rocket.

Specifications R9x

Based on research from R9x Wiki we found multiple features to the missile. Some readers may not be aware of the details. This page will provide all details about the weapon’s strength.

  • Length 1.6 m
  • Diameter: 180mm
  • Engine: Solid-fuel rocket engine; Thiokol X- 657
  • Wingspans: 0.33m
  • Guidance system – Millimeter wave radar seeker and Semiactive laser homing
  • Type: surface-to-surface; air-to-surface
  • Mass: 45-49kg
  • Unit Cost: The unit cost for FY 2021 is US$150,000
  • Originated in: The United States

These were all about its specifications. We hope this information is helpful to you. Further, we will provide details about the R9x Wiki versions.

Variants R9X Missile

Many variants of the missile are available with different specifications. Some of these are:

  • AGM-114A
  • AGM-114B/C
  • AGM-114F/FA
  • AGM-114K/K2/K2A (Hellfire II)
  • AGM-114L Hellfire
  • AGM-114M
  • AGM-114N
  • AGM-114P/P+
  • AGM-114R
  • AGM-114R9X


This post summarizes the information about the Hellfire anti-tank weapon. Due to the fact that these weapons were used to kill Zawahiri the chief of Al Qaeda’s, many people would like to know more about the weapon used by CIA. We have included every detail regarding this weapon, including the specifications, variants and other details. This post is informative and will keep you updated on all details concerning the weapon.

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