Minecraft How To Make Water Breathing Potion Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft is one of those addictive games that makes your mom crazy. You mostly spend time in this game creating new and useful things. Here I am going to tell you about the potion of water breathing to explore the underwater world. Let’s begin!

Minecraft How To Make Water Breathing Potion ?

It’s important to know about the water breathing potion if you won’t stay alone underwater. There are two methods for making water breathing portion for long.

Making of Water Breathing Portion for 3 minutes 

Things that you need to make water breathing portion-

  1. Brewing stand X1
  2. Nether Wart X1
  3. Puffer Fish X1
  4. Water Bottle X1

Steps you need to follow

  1. Obtain a Blaze Power by simply placing Blaze Rod in the crafting menu. Blaze Rod is found only in the Nether and obtained by the Blaze drop
  2. Communicate with your brewing stand and place Blaze power in the left box.
  3. Place your water bottle in either of three boxes at the bottom of the Brewing Stand screen.
  4. At the top of the Brewing Stand put the Nether Wart in the box.
  5. The brewing stand is showing it’s working by bubbles at the left box turning white.
  6. After that Nether Wart will disappear and you will find the water bottle is now an Awkward Potion that does not affect you.
  7. Add Pufferfish at the top and wait for Pufferfish to disappear 
  8. After disappearing you will able to highlight the potion bottle at Brewing Stand’s bottom.
  9. And that portion is your water breathing portion for 3 min.Minecraft How To Make Water Breathing Potion Everything You Need To Know

Making a water breathing portion for 8 minutes 

Water breathing portion for 8 minutes is far more useful than 3 minutes. So let’s know about it.

Steps you should follow :

  1. Place water breathing portion for 3 minutes in either of the boxes on Brewing Stand.
  2. Put Redstone Dust on the top box.
  3. Wait for Redstone Dust to disappear.
  4. After the disappearance of Redstone Dust, you will get the new version of the water breathing portion for 8 minutes.

Wow isn’t it so easy! When you think about creating anything for long durability it generally takes various steps. But here you can just make water breathing portion easily.

No need to thank me for giving your such good ideas for your Minecraft. Sharing is Caring. I hope it was helpful. Stay with Evedonus Film for the latest updates

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