The craze for Destiny increasing day by day. By being a popular shooter game it’s worth trying. Titles are very precious for Destiny fans as they are the unique name you get after completing a series of triumphs. Now I am going to tell you about these precious titles.

List Of Destiny Titles From the Easiest To Hardest


It is one of the easiest titles to earn. You can easily earn this title by

  1. Acquire skills with Season of the Hunt weapons.
  2. Defeat Wrathborn targets by wearing seasonal armour.
  3. Complete the Harbinger Mission


It’s one of the common titles you can earn very easily. Players can obtain it by 

  1. Defeating opponents and other Guardian in Gambit.
  2. Acquire the Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon
  3. At least one player deposit 71 Motes in one game without letting himself or herself rest in peace. List Of Destiny Titles From the Easiest To Hardest To Earn And Everything You Need to Know


It is one of the time-consuming titles but it’s worth it. You just need to 

  1. Kill each Blind Well boss who rotates weekly 
  2. Within every three weeks, you need to pay a visit to Queen’s Court
  3. Collect every Ahamkara bone
  4. Break all 40 hidden Dreaming City eggs


It is one of the titles which is focused on finding collectables. You just have to explore every part of Europe to bring in every 

  1. Penguin Souvenir
  2. Augment Triumph
  3. Entropic Shard
  4. Death Exo


Really good title to show off. It can be acquired by

  1. Completing Menagerie runs 
  2. Completing Crown of Sorrow challenges
  3. Defend Crown of Sorrow with no deaths
  4. Kill every Heroic boss List Of Destiny Titles From the Easiest To Hardest To Earn And Everything You Need to Know


Most significant titles to have. You need to 

  1. Finish the trails of Nightmare Hunts on Master Difficulty
  2. Finish Pit of Heresy alone and finishing another run without letting yourself rest in peace.


This title is the most famous. Every player tries their best to earn these title. Players need to 

  1. Get Divinity
  2. Finish each encounter in an unorthodox
  3. Finish every encounter with the fire team by using the same Subclass element.


It is the highest title to achieve. It’s a dream for every Destiny fans. 

Skills you need to have are map awareness, aim skill, character build and communication.

You need to earn Legend in Competitive three times consecutively. It’s so hard but for the best, it needs to be hard.

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